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How To Use An Attendance Tracking System for Schools

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Table Of Contents

Vacation Tracker’s users come from a variety of backgrounds. From IT companies to churches, to educational institutions, almost every type of company out there uses our leave management solution to keep track of employee attendance and PTO.

Wait, did we mention educational institutions? Yeah, you read that right. 

No matter what industry you might be in, our software can help you stay on top of attendance and employee scheduling. And that includes schools! Keep reading to learn more about how you can use Vacation Tracker to help streamline attendance tracking at your school.

Why use an attendance tracking system?

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of education, perhaps forever.

Gone are the days where teachers would manually keep track of student attendance by physically seeing them in class every day. Now that everything is online, keeping track of student attendance is much harder. Ultimately, student attendance tracking can help to properly evaluate who’s diligently attending their classes. Furthermore, attendance tracking can also be used to identify students who aren’t paying attention in class. 

Thus, it’s safe to say that a key aspect of online learning is student attendance tracking. After all, without an attendance tracking system, how will you communicate with the student body and actually know when they’re accessing course material?

In order to keep track of students’ attendance, your school needs a reliable attendance tracking system. And that is where Vacation Tracker comes in.

Why our tool is perfect for you

Our attendance tracking system is great for your school — whether it runs in-person or online classes. 

First and foremost, it can help tremendously with tracking leaves and PTO for teachers and your school staff. There’s no need to manually track leaves for anyone within your school because all the data will be securely stored in our system.

Additionally, our tool can also help reduce the amount of wasted office space and piles of paperwork lying around at the office. It will also save you a lot of time that would normally be spent doing mundane tasks such as filing, maintaining books, etc.

Moreover, since our app is cloud-based, all your information remains secure so you can stay rest assured that your leave data and records are not at risk of getting lost. Another pro of this is that since our tool is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. All your students will need is just access to a good WiFi connection.

And if all these reasons were not good enough to convince you, here’s one more: Vacation Tracker’s base plan pricing starts at only $1 per user per month. Talk about getting a bang for your buck!

How you can utilize our attendance tracking system

Our attendance tracking system can easily be customized to fit your school’s needs. Let’s explain this with a small anecdote, shall we?

Meet Blooming Hearts High School

Blooming Hearts High School just recently made the switch to Vacation Tracker and is excited to explore all that this leave management solution has to offer. 

The small-scale school in question created Vacation Tracker accounts for each of their teachers, who taught specific classes. It’s also important to note that they used Microsoft Teams to communicate with their students and with each other. This made discussion outside of class and working on group projects much easier.

Next, they set up different leave types, such as “Vacation” or “Sick Day” or “Parental Leave”. These leave types accounted for all of the reasons students missed classes since this school valued student participation and attendance a lot.

Student attendance was an essential component of team and group projects as well. As seen in most business schools, many projects were group-based. Therefore, when someone was absent at a study session, their absence was felt, similar to the way when an employee doesn’t show up for work, it impacts team productivity.

Since the students of this small institution all had access to Teams and Vacation Tracker, they could input their attendance information themselves. To do so, all they had to do was submit a Leave Request. After the leave type and date were submitted, the request was approved by an Administrator, who in this case is the teacher. 

Upon approval, the Leave Type appears on the administrator’s dashboard, along with a message to the teacher and other team members. Another benefit of tracking attendance in this manner is that Vacation Tracker records all of this information. As a result, teachers can print reports and be confident that all students’ absences are automatically recorded. 

Available across all platforms

Our tool is not only available to just Microsoft Teams users. We also offer Slack and Google Workspace integrations so that student attendance management is accessible to users of all these remote collaboration platforms.

What’s next?

So, the general consensus is that Vacation Tracker is a powerful student attendance tracking software that works great for schools. Not only is it very inexpensive, but it also offers great value for money at this price. So, what are you waiting for?

All our plans come with a 7-day free trial. This way, you can easily take Vacation Tracker out for a spin before deciding to purchase it. Get started below to see exactly how our leave tracking tool can fit into your school’s needs!

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Snigdha Gupta
Snigdha Gupta

An avid writer and aspiring marketer, Snigdha is a student at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business.

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