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HR SaaS Software for Your Business

HR SaaS Software for Your Business

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Choosing which career path to follow is probably the most difficult decision each person has to make in their lifetime. Maybe we’re doing this when we’re too young, full of energy and optimism. Otherwise, we don’t know who would like to pursue a career in HR. Not because the job of HR managers is dull and monotonous, but because it brings a lot of responsibilities and duties that can seem quite scary. Heck, we already got afraid after reading “5 Brutal Truths About HR”! That’s why here in Vacation Tracker we think HR managers are kings and queens of every organization and pillars of every business’s success.

Luckily, in the past 10 years, we can see the rise of HR SaaS software which makes HR’s jobless scary. For the ones who are in HR, or maybe planning to pursue a career in HR, we prepared a list of HR SaaS Software you might use to make your day less demanding.

Vacation Tracker, an ultimate leave tracking software for your business

When it comes to picking the HR SaaS software for your business, Vacation Tracker seems like an obvious choice.

Leave tracking is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks of every HR manager. We wanted to make their jobs easier and let them focus on more important things and made Vacation Tracker, an HR SaaS software that made tracking employees’ leave easy.

Even though the default leave type is Vacations and days off, organizations can choose among nine different leave types to track their employee’s leave. And for the ones who have multiple locations/teams we offered the possibility of assigning different managers for each team or office.

All employees have to do is to type /vacation into their Slack account, and after a few easy steps, they will be able to send leave requests. On the other end, managers will be immediately notified whenever there’s a new leave request enabling them to react fast and have a clear overview of their employee’s scheduled leave.

What’s best, you don’t have to spend money to try out what Vacation Tracker offers! Just sign up for a first 7-day trial.

Beside leave HR SaaS software your business craves performance management tools!

The ultimate question in the past few years in business is: how to boost productivity and how to measure it correctly. That’s why there’s a lot of HR SaaS software in the market that promise of doing just that.

We found Monday to be the best among them! Monday is a cloud/based project management tool that eases up the way teams collaborate, manages their workload, and communicates. It offers color-coded boards which signify which projects are in progress and which tasks are finished. Besides that, this software enables managers to see which employee is overworked and prevents them from heading for burnout.

HR SaaS software lets you manage your business’s greatest asset

There is plenty of HR SaaS software in the market. However, we think talent acquisition ones are among the most valuable you can use. We think Bamboo HR is among the gems of HR SaaS software helping small and medium-sized businesses do their job more efficiently. This cloud-based system offers applicant tracking, onboarding tools, e-signatures, and many more. What’s best, they have a mobile application that makes the whole process seamlessly easy.

You don’t want that big fat lawsuit coming at your door

HR managers dread a few things and one among them is compliance. Law changes constantly and they affect businesses in every way we can imagine. However, tracking them seems like a mission impossible. 

Zenefits is one of HR SaaS software that helps small to mid-sized companies manage change and stay compliant. This software offers HR, Benefits, Payroll, and Performance features combined with advisory services, enabling paperwork reduction. Who could ask for more?

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