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Best Productivity Slack Bots for 2020

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Table Of Contents

Did you know that every day, start-up employees use productivity Slack bots to improve their work performance? The use of Slack bots is as prevalent as the perusing of Medium during work hours. However, unlike going into a rabbit hole of Medium articles, using productivity Slack bots can actually improve work performance.

We are nearly one whole month into 2020. If you feel like this month just flew by, you are not alone. If you feel like you could be more productive, you are also not alone!

In today’s article, we will take a look at the apps and bots you need to know about in 2020.

Vacation Tracker: An HR Bot To Book Leaves And Vacations!

Being a top performer is not about working oneself to the bone. To maintain consistent performance and productivity, it’s important to know how to disconnect and take the appropriate time off.

Because HR can be a headache, teams from large and small businesses have turned to the Vacation Tracker bot for help. This bot is like a supportive HR administrator, helping employees and managers plan, book and manage leaves all through a slick Slack integration.

Indeed, through Vacation Tracker, requesting and approving leaves has never been easier. It takes only a few clicks for a team member to select their days off, by using the handy slash command – “/vacation” – in any Slack channel. A manager instantly received any submitted request and is able to approve or deny it on the spot.

No matter the amendments to your leave policy, this easy-to-use HR integration is fully customizable. Moreover, it’s very practical for managing multiple offices or remote workers. In addition, teams can test out this software for free, for 7-days. The trial period offers the complete arsenal of Vacation Tracker benefits, without any upfront costs whatsoever.

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Automate leave policies, improve visibility and plan better

No credit card required. Instant set-up.

Polly: For Quick Polls Right Inside Your Conversations

 Available on Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts Chat, Polly is a popular survey bot. It can be used in all kinds of inventive ways in your team’s internal chat channels.

Without ever leaving Slack, teams get access to a complete suite of survey functionalities. Then, without disrupting the workflow, they can have access to automated feedback. For example, surveys can be conducted to plan lunches or team outings. This information can be available to team leads in real-time.

On the other hand, polls or more complex surveys can be directly related to your project work. In this case, you can use Polly’s API – application programming interface – to build a feedback-driven workflow to systematically access your survey data. This data can be a valuable tool for decision-making.

Indeed, there is more than meets the eye with this productivity Slack bot. When you paid imaginative systems thinking with an application like Polly, the possibilities are endless.

Statsbot: Automate Data Analytics With This Slack Bot

If your business runs on data – and let’s be real, all businesses do! – then you need Statsbot. Indeed, whether you’re a data geek, or have a data phobia, this bot is a must.

Any solid database or Google Analytics account can be connected to Statsbot. The bot can be programmed to send regular reports and to update your entire team on any changes to your database.

This bot helps automate necessary and sometimes time-consuming reporting processes. What’s more, you can ask Statsbot questions about data in laymen’s terms, and the bot will get the necessary data for you. It’s like an Alexa. but for your business data! Hence, it is a crucial list item on our list of best productivity Slack bots for 2020.

ZipBooks: A Productivity Bot For All Your Accounting Needs 

There is much to love about ZipBooks, free software for invoicing, time tracking, and expense tracking, right inside Slack. In fact, this useful add-on is even integrated with certain leading banking systems. In a nutshell, it takes accounting from a grueling process and makes it as simple and efficient as possible.

Undoubtedly, this software offers functionalities that increase productivity levels. First of all, online invoicing and auto-billing can be done directly through Slack. Secondly, it provides a time-tracking functionality that is seamless.

Finally, there are other functionalities like tracking accounts receivables and generally keeping better records. Get your organization’s finances in order. Get ZipBooks today!

Paymo: Tracking Schedules And Invoices In 2020

Paymo is a productivity Slack bot for project management. The Paymo integration for Slack boasts that it puts everyone in a team on the same page.

Indeed, it does so by turning group discussions into tasks. Functionalities such as planning, scheduling, and task management can all be taken care of with the help of this useful Bot.

Teams can use the simple /paymo add command to create new tasks in a team channel. Comments can be added to tasks and notifications can be sent when new tasks are allocated.

Next, when tasks are being worked on the Paymo bot can even keep track of the time spent on the task. In turn, this greatly simplifies the invoicing process.

PigeonBot: Sending Email Instantly Through Slack

Don’t be fooled by their funny logo and silly name, PigeonBot is a terrific productivity Slack bot. As anyone who has worked in a traditional office knows, emails can be time-consuming and annoying. PigeonBot suggests that certain messages can be instant, while emails don’t require an immediate response. However, this integration provides a seamless way to send emails without leaving Slack.

Therefore, this Slack integration helps send emails to teammates directly from Slack. Hence, teammates don’t have to lose focus or open up a different application. In fact, through the /email command, you can send messages and also check sent messages or send memos to your own email.

The app recommends using PigeonBot for messages that don’t need immediate relies on. Obviously, for instant messaging, Slack is the way to go.

Kristina Ousmanova
Kristina Ousmanova

Kristina recently left behind fast-paced life of Human Resource Business Consulting to freelance as a Content Writer. A regular Vacation Tracker contributor, she can be found working remotely from her home in Montreal, usually while eating a variety of snacks.

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