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Top 5 Slack Integrations For 2023

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Table Of Contents

Imagine not having endless tabs open at the same time. You can do all your work in a single online workspace. One click and you sent that email. Another click and you requested that long-awaited time off. You find and share any file in a matter of a few clicks. Now, open your eyes! 

Well, ok, we’re not quite there, but we are definitely heading in that direction! While it’s true that not all aspects of our work can be done in a single online workspace (yet), the possibility of many tools to integrate with Slack saves us lots of time by avoiding context-switching. 

Here are the top 5 Slack integrations that helped us make our environment a much more efficient and enjoyable place to work. They should undoubtedly be on your company’s 2023 New Year’s resolution list! 


Vacation Tracker is a leave management tool that allows you to automate processes regarding time-off tracking within your company directly from Slack’s desktop or mobile app.  

All you have to do is type /vacation and send it as a private Slack message to yourself. Thanks to the interactive command system, you can request or approve any leave, check your leave history or upcoming time off, get notified of your leave status, and much more without leaving your company chat. 

Additionally, Vacation Tracker can be set to notify everyone through Slack about upcoming company leaves and facilitate organization and communication among employees that way. 

Top 5 Slack Integrations For 2023

Furthermore, it allows you to import new hires directly from Slack and archives an employee’s leave account once removed from the company chat. 

Test it out for 7 days for free, and discover other benefits of using Vacation Tracker in Slack. Vacation Tracker’s core plan starts already at $25 per month for up to 25 users.  

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Google Drive 

Google Drive is a cloud storage, file sharing, and synchronization platform, part of the G Suite software collection. As one of the top Slack integrations, it allows you to bring document management and all communication around it to another level without ever leaving the company chat. 

Namely, you can create new documents (Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets), import existing files into Slack channels or direct messages, and grant access to the files to other team members in just one click, directly from Slack. Furthermore, it allows you to reply to comments posted in the documents from within the company chat and have them posted to the original file. 

Google Drive Slack integration

Google Drive, as one of the top Slack integrations, significantly speeds up the sharing and feedback process of anything from longer blog posts to shorter file reviews, making it suitable for each department of your company. 

Google Drive allows you to store up to 15GB free of charge, and for as low as $1.99 a month, you can already get 100GB of storage. Remember that only the files you upload count towards the storage limit, not those shared with you. 

Jira Cloud  

Jira is a task management platform used for detailed project reporting. Thanks to its advanced planning options and integration with Slack, it’s often used for the organizational needs of all company departments. 

Jira’s Slack integration allows you to create, update, browse, and search issues and tasks directly from within the company chat. In addition, it keeps team members on the same page without distracting anyone, thanks to its noise-free notifications delivered into the channel of your choice. 

Jira Cloud integrations

Furthermore, you can attach messages to Jira issues and keep everything related to a particular task in one place. Once you’ve connected a project to a specific channel, Jira will automatically preview the issue when mentioned. Whoever participates in the conversation can freshen up their memory or access valuable information before replying or making a decision. 

By being so comprehensive, Jira’s Slack integration saves you from delaying project completion due to miscommunication and improves collaboration among team members without ever needing to log into Jira again. 

In addition, it’s free for teams with up to 10 users, and its standard plan that unlocks some advanced features starts at around $7.75 per active user per month. 


PandaDoc is an e-sign tool for paperless document workflows. Its Slack integration further facilitates administrative and HR processes by allowing you to stay on top of the document progress from within the company chat. 

Thanks to PandaDoc’s Slack integration, you can create a new document from Slack. Furthermore, you can set it to receive instant notifications in the chat whenever it’s out for signature, viewed, signed, or left pending. Since you can use PandaDoc for external documentation flow, you can also track an invoice sent to your client and get alerted when paid. The document status notifications are customizable and let you turn off those that might be distracting. 

Panda Doc Slack integration

PandaDoc’s Slack integration is ideal for administration and HR teams of companies that hire global talent and need to manage remote work employees daily. However, any business can use it to improve team communication and organization.

PandaDoc’s free plan offers unlimited document upload and unlimited legally binding e-signatures. The PandaDoc Essentials plan starts at $29 per user per month. 


Fyle is an expense management tool that tracks all aspects of expense reports from within your Slack chat. 

Namely, you can submit or approve any expense request, upload receipts, or even get notified and add a receipt on Slack as soon as your company card is swiped if your company’s enrolled on Fyle’s VISA real-time flow. This way, you will not only facilitate the entire expense reporting system to a great extent but avoid and anticipate fraudulent actions. 

Fyle Slack integration

Fyle, as one of the top Slack integrations, will not only put a significant portion of work on autopilot for your administration and financial reporting team, but it will also facilitate the communication and organization of this department with other teams of your company. In addition, it will save all employees from drowning in their inboxes and trying to find proof that they did submit that expense request! 

Fyle’s standard plan costs $8.99 per active user per month for a minimum of 5 active users. An active user is considered one that uploads at least one file per month.

To Wrap Up

Having two or more tools work as one, or more precisely – through one, is something businesses strive to invest in. For a reason, though! In a world full of distractions, where time is the most valuable thing we have, this is precisely what Slack integrations do – give us more hours to focus entirely on things that cannot be automated. Yet.

Jelena Cerovic
Jelena Cerovic

Jelena turned her love for storytelling and the written word into a full-time job as a B2B content writer and copywriter in the SaaS industry. She reads, dances, and explores new places in her hometown and beyond in her spare time.

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