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Wyoming Leave Laws


No federal or state law requires employers to provide paid or unpaid vacation time for their employees. However, if employers choose to offer a vacation leave, paid or unpaid, to their employees it must comply with applicable state law or employment contract. 

Jury Duty Leave

Wyoming leave laws do not require employers to pay employees any wages for the time spent complying with a jury summons or serving on a jury but has to provide employees unpaid leave to perform their jury duties.

An employer may not discharge, threaten, coerce, or penalize an employee for complying with a jury summons or serving on a jury.

Bereavement Leave

No federal or state law require an employer to provide the employee with paid or unpaid bereavement leave or with any time off to organize or attend a close family member’s funeral.

Voting Leave

An employer must provide up to one hour of paid leave to an employee in order to vote in any primary, general, or special election. The employer may designate the most convenient time for the employee to take voting leave (other than a meal hour). Employees who have three or more consecutive non-working hours during the time the polls are open are not eligible for voting leave.

Military Leave

Wyoming law provides the following job protections to members in the uniformed services, in addition to Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act:

  • Leave (paid or unpaid, at employer’s discretion) of up to five years for active duty, training or a qualifying physical exam;
  • Right to maintain health coverage at their own cost while on military leave (must also continue to accrue sick, annual, vacation or military leave on the same basis);
  • Returning members who apply for reemployment within the appropriate timeframe, based on length of service, must be reinstated to original positions. Reinstated employees may not be terminated without cause for one year.