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Leave Management for Remote Teams Guide

Remote work has become the new normal, and companies around the world are making the transition. Traditional HR processes have changed, and with that – leave management. Download our free guide to help you manage leave in remote teams with ease.

Leave Management for Remote Teams Guide

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What You’ll Get From This Guide…

  • Remote Work: Trends, Overview & Statistics
  • Leave Management Struggles & How to Handle Them
  • Leave Policy Configuration Tips & Tricks

It’s time to automate your leave management with the world’s leading software.

Managing remote teams can become quite difficult if you’re relying on manual work and spreadsheets to help you out. It’s time-consuming, prone to errors, and too complicated.

Vacation Tracker is the #1 leave management software helping companies around the world automate their leave tracking process saving them 100s of hours.

Integrate Vacation Tracker with your favorite collaboration tool.

Manage leave without leaving your remote team’s go-to collaboration tool – Slack, Teams, or Google Workspace.

Enjoy the benefits of one-click leave approval, and increased visibility for you and your team.

Customize the entire system to work for your company – from unlimited locations to custom leave policies.


No complicated onboarding needed.

Switching to a new system usually means a complicated onboarding process. With Vacation Tracker, it’s the exact opposite.

Your team will be able to self-manage from day 1, requesting leave in seconds, checking their leave balances with ease, and receiving daily and/or weekly leave updates.

Get real-time visibility into everyone’s leave status in one place.

Get real-time daily and/or weekly updates about upcoming leaves directly in your collaboration tool.

Integrate the Vacation Tracker calendar with your external calendar for increased visibility, and ensure accurate reporting.

Managing leave manually is a thing of the past. Remote work requires automated workflows.

Reduce the lengthy, complicated process of manual leave tracking to just a few simple clicks with Vacation Tracker.

Get your remote team the visibility they deserve.

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