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How many hours/days do I earn each time period?

Start by selecting a format to display your PTO balance in. Then, input all relevant fields in your chosen format. Lastly, hit Calculate to get your answer. Yes, it’s that simple.

Don’t forget to refer to our Glossary below for some helpful terms!

Show balance in:

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Hours to Accrue Per Year:

Accrual Frequency:

Hours to Accrue Each Period:

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Accrual Frequency

Select the frequency of accumulating PTO in a certain period. Pick between Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly, or Monthly accrual.

Starting PTO Balance

This is the amount of PTO you start your calendar year with. It may include both your base amount of PTO and any time that has been rolled over.

Accrual Amount

The number of total hours an employee accumulates during the year divided by your accrual frequency gets you the number of hours accrued.

Balance in Days/Hours

Choose to display your yearly PTO quota in either the Days (e.g 20 days) or Hours (e.g. 160 hours) format.

Amount of PTO rolled over

The amount of unused PTO your company allows you to roll over from the previous year to the next.

Cap (set a limit) on PTO

You can choose to put a cap or set a limit on your PTO usage within a given timeframe.

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