Your next vacation is just a quick Teams message away

Say goodbye to complicated PTO tracking, and say hello to the easiest way to track your time off directly from Microsoft Teams with Vacation Tracker.

We make leave tracking from Microsoft Teams effortlessly simple. Here's how

Request a leave in 5 clicks

Requesting leave using our Microsoft Teams integration takes no more than 5 clicks.

Just type “Request leave” in your chat with Vacation Tracker, choose the leave type and dates you want to take time off, and we’ll do the rest.

Approve leave requests in 1 click

We make asking for time off simple. But getting the approval? Even easier.

Once a request has been made, your Approver will either accept or reject it and you’ll get notified of the outcome immediately.

Receive tailored notifications in Microsoft Teams

As an Administrator, you can set up daily or weekly notifications and tailor them to the entire organization, or a specific department or location.

Just pick the Teams channel you want to receive notifications on, and we’ll take it from there.

Access your leave data directly in Microsoft Teams

A quick look at the ‘My Profile’ tab shows you how much time you have left to take off, how many days you’ve taken off in the past, and what’s coming up, and other useful information regarding your leave activity. You can also request leaves from here.

Get quick access to the VT Dashboard

In addition to the My Profile tab, you also have a General Tab where you can view additional leave information about your team members and access any pending leave requests.

Get a complete overview on the Dashboard

All of the options available within Microsoft Teams are also available on the dashboard, where you can have a full overview of everything that going on in your organization.

As an Administrator, the dashboard is your hub where you can configure everything in your organization – from individual team member pages to scheduling reports.