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Slobodan Stojanović

by Slobodan Stojanović
Posted in Changelog on Aug 30 2018

Features 🔐 Wouldn’t it be cool to allow everyone to see our nice dashboard? We just did it! You can now access the dashboard and see your profile, calendar and future days off even as a regular user. 📝 Text field for a reason is more cool than…

by Slobodan Stojanović
Posted in Changelog on Aug 28 2018

Features 💬 It’s useful to see how many days off you have remaining when you are sending the request, so we added that info to our Slack bot response. ⚠️ Vacation Tracker will notify you for vacation overlapping when you try to book a new vacation on the…

by Slobodan Stojanović
Posted in Blog on Jul 25 2018

When Cloud Horizon grew to 12 people, it became clear that we need a tool for managing vacations and days off. Using Google Spreadsheets was hard, and there were no notifications when someone’s vacation is about to start. We tried with a calendar, but it doesn’t give you…