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5 Ways to Manage To-Do Lists in Slack

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Do you frequently find yourself swamped with the number of tasks you don’t know how to solve? That was the case for many of our team members – before they discovered to-do lists. Making them allowed them not only to keep their heads underwater but also to do more while working less. By making to-do lists, they were finally able to focus their time end effort on things they value the most.


The benefits of making to-do lists


Making to-do lists comes with a wide variety of benefits, including:


Improved organization


One of the first reasons why we should keep a to-do list is the fact it helps us organize our appointments and chores in a better way, and helps us become more efficient. When we see all there is to be done, we lose this anxious feeling of unpredictability. What’s more, ticking off tasks on to-do lists will give us the motivation to finish them promptly and allow us to stay mentally focused.


Improved memory


There’s no doubt our brains are powerful tools that helped us become who we are today. But even the smartest people on the planet tend to forget things. Simply, if you have a lot of things on your plate, writing down tasks makes you more likely to remember them, as it reinforces information in our short-term memory, improving it along the way.


Increased productivity


To-do lists can help us achieve more by working less since they enable us to prioritize tasks more easily. To-do lists are a valuable tool for time management, and if we know that 90% of managers waste valuable time through poor time management we see how true this claim is.


If you use Slack in your workplace, we will show you how you can easily manage to-do lists in Slack, and become an employee of the year.




If somebody told you you can effortlessly manage to-do lists in Slack by installing a simple app, would you believe them? Because you can!


We’re sure you’ve already heard about the Pomodoro Technique which implies interchangeable intervals of work and rest. To do it successfully, people who want to practice the Pomodoro technique should write down their tasks and do them in time batches of 25 minutes.


Doropomo is a productivity tool that can help you create to-do lists in Slack for the day ahead, and track Pomodoros, allowing you to regain your focus and have undisturbed work sessions.


After each doropomo, you’ll have a short break to recharge and continue working on your tasks. Furthermore, after a certain number of Doropomos, you’ll start having longer breaks that can be further customized to your needs. What’s more, you can also customize how long you want the Doropomo to last, the duration of the short and the long break, but also easily export reports and review your progress. Lastly, after you finish work, you can easily go through all of your completed tasks, and review how long it took you to complete them, to get better insights into your work patterns.


Do it in your private chat


In case the thought of adding another app to your Slack workplace, there’s a less interesting, but still viable option to make to-do lists in Slack. All you need is to go to your private channel, write down the list of tasks you need to do for that day, edit, and leave a checkmark after you complete each one. This will give you a good overview of what you’ve accomplished during the day, and you can easily check how productive you were and what else should be done.


Make a dedicated channel


If you’re wondering what are other ways to manage to-do lists in Slack, we have another solution. You can always create a dedicated channel, name it to-do for “the day/week” or even makes different to-do channels based on the nature of your tasks. for instance, one could be “to-do sales”, other “to-do clients”, etc. You can also make a group to-do list in Slack for your team. You just have to make the list of tasks in a channel, assign them to your team members by tagging them and you’re set for the day. For tasks that need more time, you can always use the “pinned message” feature to ensure nothing gets lost.


Making to-do lists in Slack will make your life much easier


Now, when we went through all the benefits of making to-do lists for productivity and motivation, you’re ready to dive in and explore which method works for you. Slack is an amazing tool that comes with a wide variety of features, erasing the need for joggling between multiple software. That said, which one of these solutions for to-do lists in Slack is most appealing to you?

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