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How To Request Vacations, Days Off or Half-Days

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    The features mentioned in this article have been upgraded, and the information presented may not be up to date. Please view our recent articles, and learn about the new version of Vacation Tracker.

    For a while now, one of our most requested features has been the option to request half-days. And we’re more than happy to announce that we’ve added this amazing feature to a long list of features already available on Vacation Tracker.

    With Vacation Tracker it’s never been easier to request vacations, days off or half-days. To request any type of time off, all your team members have to do is simply type “/vacation” in any channel in Slack, and they will be presented with various options.


    Our friendly Vacation Tracker bot will be sure to notify you how many days off you have left in the current year, so you’ll know how many days you can request.

    After you type “/vacation”, you’ll be presented with five options “Request a vacation”, “Request a day off”, “Request a half-day”, “More options” and “Open dashboard”. To request any type of time off, simply select it, and choose the date(s).

    After you select your dates, you will be able to add a reason if you want, or simply confirm your request. If you’re requesting a half-day, you’ll have one more step before confirmation, and that’s the time range for which you’re requesting time off.

    And now confirm. Simple as that.

    After you confirm your vacation request, a notification will be sent to your managers. They can approve or deny the request either in Slack or through a web-based admin dashboard.

    Every message to managers from our chatbot has an embedded link to the dashboard. The dashboard allows managers to easily approve or deny requests, manage notifications, and have a daily, monthly and yearly overview of the team’s vacations and days off.

    how to request vacations

    Were you wondering how to request vacations, days off and half-days? It’s as simple as this.

    After the administrator approves or denies your request, our Vacation Tracker bot will notify you right away. It’s as simple as that. Vacation Tracker is currently in public beta so go ahead and sign up on our website and take it for a test drive.