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Thailand Leave Laws – Vacation Tracker

Table Of Contents


  • 1st January – New Year’s Day

  • 12th February – Chinese New Year

  • 26th February – Makha Bucha (date varies depending on the lunar cycle)

  • 6th April – Chakri Day 

  • 12th April – Songkran Holiday

  • 13th April – Songkran (Thai New Year)

  • 3rd May – Labour Day

  • 4th May – H.M. King’s Coronation

  • 26th May – Visakha Bucha Day (Birth of Buddha)

  • 3rd June – H.M. Queen’s Birthday

  • 26th July – Asahna Bucha Day (date varies depending on the lunar cycle)

  • 27th July – Buddhist Lent

  • 28th July – H.M. King’s Birthday

  • 12th August – H.M. Queen’s Mother Birthday

  • 24th September – Prince Mahidol Day

  • 13th October – The Passing of King Bhumibol

  • 22nd October – Chulalongkorn Day

  • 6th December – King Bhumibol’s Birthday

  • 10th December – Thailand Constitution Day

  • 31st December – New Year’s Eve

Paid Time Off

PTO (Paid Time Off)

  • Vacation/Annual Paid Leave

Employees are entitled to at least 6 days of paid annual leave per year, after they have completed one full year of consecutive work. For employees who have not completed one year of service, the employer may provide an annual leave on a pro-rate basis.

  • Rollovers and payout of unused hours

  • Use-it-or-lose-it policy 

If a public holiday falls on Saturday, 1 day will be credited to employee’s annual leave immediately after the public holiday.  This substitute leave must be taken within the same year and it cannot be carried forward to the following year.

  • PTO payout at the termination

An employee can be terminated without a specific cause and subject to all payments including severance pay, unused annual leave, overtime pay, and other payments due under the employment agreement within 3 days from the termination of employment.

Maternity Leave, Child Raising Leave, Parental Leave

Maternity Leave

A female employee is entitled to maternity leave for a period of 90 days including holidays, but the number of days paid leave shall not exceed 45 days.

Sick Leave

Sick Leave

All employees are entitled to unlimited sick leave, but the number of days paid sick leave shall not exceed 30 regular workdays a year. The employer may require an employee to produce a certificate from a qualified doctor for a sick leave of three days or more.

Jury Duty Leave, and Voting Leave

Not specified by law.

Bereavement Leave

Bereavement leave is up to an agreement between the employer and the employee, and depends on a company policy.

Military Leave

An employer is required to pay wages to an employee for military service leave, but not exceeding sixty days per year.

Please consult your local legal counsel to learn more about Thailand Leave Laws.

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All materials have been prepared for general information purposes only to permit you to learn more about this region's leave laws. The information presented is not legal advice, is not to be acted on as such, and may not be current. Please contact your local legal counsel to learn more about the leave laws in your country.