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Sudan Leave Laws – Vacation Tracker

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  • 1st January – Independence Day

  • 7th January – Coptic Christmas

  • 2nd May – Coptic Easter

  • 13th May – Eid-Ul-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

  • 20th July – Eid Al Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice)

  • 10th August – Islamic New Year

  • 19th October – Al-Mawlid (Birthday of Prophet Muhammad)

  • 25th December – Christmas Day

Employees are entitled to leave with full pay on holidays and official holidays after three months of continuous service with their employer.


Vacation/Annual Paid Leave

Employees are entitled to annual leave with full pay after one year of continuous service with the employer and for the following years. Such leave is determined during the year depending on the requirements of the work. Days off and official holidays falling within an employee’s period of leave will be counted as part of his/her annual leave.

The entitlement of the employee’s annual leave will be as follows:

  • 20 days if an employee has been continuously employed by his employer for a period of one to three years
  • 25 days if an employee has spent eight years or less than 15 years of continuous service with his employer
  • 30 days if an employee has spent 15 or more years of continuous service with his employer.

Use-it-or-lose-it policy 

An employee may, with the consent of the employer, postpone his annual leave for one year or may take half of it during the year in which he is entitled to take his leave and the other half in the following year. It is forbidden to postpone all or part of the annual leave for more than one year. The employee is entitled in the following year to take his annual leave in addition to the accumulated leave.

PTO payout at the termination

An employee, on termination of his/her contract of employment for any reason or on his/her resignation, is entitled to financial compensation for the annual leave not taken or to leave in proportion to the fraction of the year spent in service.

Maternity Leave

A female employee, after six months of service and for each further year of service, is entitled to maternity leave with full pay to be calculated as follows:

  • Four weeks before her confinement and four weeks after her confinement, provided that the date of confinement is certified by a doctor
  • two weeks before her confinement and six weeks after her confinement if she wishes.

If the female employee absents herself from work after the termination of the period provided for maternity leave because of a disease resulting from the pregnancy or the confinement which prevents her from resuming her work, as certified by a doctor, she will be on sick leave.

Sick Leave

An employee who has terminated a continuous period of service of not less than three months with his employer, and who is unable to attend his work because of a disease he has contracted which is not due to his behavior or negligence and which is certified by a doctor, will be entitled to receive his/her wage for the days of absence. The wage shall be calculated as follows:

  • full pay for the first three months of absence
  • half-pay for three months of absence following the first period of the three months of absence
  • 25 percent of the pay for three months of absence following the second period of three months of absence.

The employee is entitled to sick leave with reduced wage only after he/she exhausts his/her normal leave.

If the disease lasts for more than the period provided for sick leave, the employee will not receive his/her wage and will be considered being on sick leave without pay, until he /she is examined within a reasonable period by a medical committee to decide immediately whether he/she is fit to work.

Jury Duty Leave and Voting Leave

Not specified by law.

Bereavement Leave

A female employee is entitled to leave with pay if her husband dies. Such leave is counted as from the date of death:

  • the period of iddat shall be four months and ten days if the woman was not pregnant
  • if the female employee is pregnant, her iddat leave will end by her confinement, in which case she is entitled to maternity leave for eight weeks from the date of childbirth.

Military Leave

Not specified by law.

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