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10 Locations In Canada for Your Summer Vacation

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Table Of Contents

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of Canada? Most people would say that when they think of Canada as the land of snow and maple syrup. We might even say many people go to Canada with one single thought on their mind: to escape often hard and financially unbearable their home country is in. When we think about Canada we have one thing in our mind to be more precise: Immigration.

But what if you’re traveling solely for pleasure?

Even though Canada’s terrain is not as diverse as the one in the USA, the second-biggest country in the world indeed has a lot to offer. Maybe the fact Canadians are too polite to brag about their homeland didn’t do them a favor. Or they like to keep their beauty safe from intruders’ eyes.  Whatever the case is, we decided to make you a list of the most breathtaking locations in Canada for your summer vacation.

You have to know what to expect.

Canada is a big country. So, if you’re a first-time traveler don’t assume you’ll be able to see the whole of Canada in one short trip. Even traveling from one city to another involves long hours spent on a bus.

If you’re limited with time and resources, make sure you make a list of these wonderful locations in Canada.

And first must-see destination on our list is Abraham Lake.

Made almost fifty years ago, this artificial lake is breathtakingly beautiful. Blue like the other glacial lakes in the Rocky Mountains, Abraham Lake is an accurate representation of Canadian beauty.

The most recognizable thing about Abraham Lake is definitely the ice-captured methane bubbles. Dangerous when pooped, they are the real jewel of snow-covered Canada. If you love photography, visiting Abraham Lake will definitely be a good choice for you.

Jasper National Park is also a worthy choice for your travel through Canada.

When we think about national parks in Canada, the first thing that pops into our minds is hiking. But there’s much to it than hiking while visiting Jasper National Park. Even though there are plenty of hiking trails you probably want to tackle, there’s also a Jasper Sky Tram which will offer you the most spectacular view you’ve ever seen. Or try visiting Jasper Riding Stables if you’re a horse lover. Whatever you choose, we’re sure you’ll be happy with the choice.

Have you heard of Haida Gwaii?

Haida Gwaii’s dagger-shaped archipelago offers the most breathtaking view you’ve ever seen if you dare to make the effort to visit it. There’s plenty to see by visiting Haida Gwaii: sparsely populated wilderness with bald eagles and bears, sea lions and whales, and much more. If you’re a nature lover make sure you visit this awe-inspiring landscape full of beauty. This is a must-see when it comes to breathtaking locations in Canada.

Dempster Highway

If you love long rides then you need to take a road trip through Dempster Highway. If you were wondering if you can get to the Arctic with your four-wheeled family member,  the answer is a loud YES. As remote as possible, the Dempster highway will guide you through mountains, rivers and will make you cross the Arctic Circle.

Cavendish Beach

Many of us fondly remember reading Anne of Green Gables and watching TV series depicting their adventures. Prince Edward Island is famous for its oysters and sandy-white shorelines. Besides that, its rocky red cliffs will take your breath away and fishing, kayaking, and parasailing opportunities are here to offer you a fantastic break from the office routine.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge in British Columbia was built over a century and its beauty continues to amaze us to the present day. Dangling 230 ft above the Capilano River it’s definitely worth visiting at any time of the year.


Almost the size of Western Europe, Nunavut is home to Inuits. Home to 30,000 people, this wild land is one of the rare spots humans weren’t able to destroy. It’s accessible only by ship and plane, so if you plan to go by car, make sure you think about the logistics of parking it.

What we especially love about this place is the opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis, polar bears, seals, and whales. And there are plenty of things you can do in Nunavut – fishing, dog sledding, and hiking are waiting just for you.

The Cabot Trail

If you’re searching for an awe-strikingly beautiful landscape we have good news for you. This 185-mile road settled in the province of Nova Scotia will completely fulfill your appetite! Picturesque landscape alongside the rugged coastline with an amazing ocean view that will leave you breathless for life.

The Laurentians

Dense forest and rolling hills full of blue lakes. You’ve guessed it right; we’re talking about the Laurentians, mountains covering southern Quebec. The favorite place all people from Montreal gladly visit lets you spend a stress-free weekend just a couple of hours away from the busy city landscape.

Bow Lake

You cannot miss Bow Lake. It’s noticeable even from the highway due to its staggering blue color. Perfect in the early morning when the sun rises lake is just a mile away from Crowfoot Glacier.

We think you need a vacation.

Do you know that taking vacations is good for you? The Internet era made us prone to overworking and we’re having trouble maintaining a healthy work-life balance. That’s why is so important to take every opportunity you can to take some time off from work and come back with positive energy and motivation. And these breathtaking locations in Canada are a perfect choice.

However, sometimes we forget how much we need a vacation.

Living in a rushed environment it’s so easy to fall into the trap of heading for burnout. And that’s something you shouldn’t joke with. That’s why we developed an easy-to-use vacation tracking software for you to use. It takes just seconds to install it into your Slack account! And what’s better – you don’t even have to pay for it during the first free 7-day trial period.

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