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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Employee Feedback

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Table Of Contents

“We need to talk” is probably the worst thing anyone can say to anybody. There’s great potential hiding in those potent four words which scares us so much.

“We need to talk” when your partner says means you probably did something wrong. Big time. And in most cases, this is not a call for a discussion, but a call for a monologue where your loving counterpart tells you why you should be ashamed.

“We need to talk” from your parents is yet another way to signal you’re completely failed at being a child and you definitely need to come to your senses.

However, what happens when your manager tells you-you need to talk? Is it bad? Are you getting fired? Or is it just a part of management practice in your current company?

Employee feedback is important 

There are numerous reasons employee feedback is important. First of all, because it works on boosting employee engagement. By one Gallup study, almost 70 percent of employees feel disengaged with their current job. If you’re interested in how to decrease your employee retention you should start working on employee feedback ASAP.

On the other hand, giving proper feedback to your employees boost their morale too! And if they are motivated and determined to do their part of the job well, your company will stay strong. Here, we’re going to talk about five ways you can improve your employee feedback most efficiently.

Giving feedback should be a continuous habit

Do you know that less than 6 percent of companies communicate about their goals on a daily basis? Giving and receiving feedback shouldn’t be a one-time job. If you are a CEO or a manager, make sure you’re sticking to a certain schedule and predictable pattern for giving feedback.

Weekly stand-ups are an amazing way to find out what each of your employees did throughout the week, what were the stepping stones and what was achieved. Besides group sessions where you can receive and give feedback, make sure you make some time to hear out each employee. That way you’ll be in the know-how and you’ll send a clear message that you care for employees. This is an amazing way to boost their engagement and productivity at work.

Be very specific about your wants 

Some people are not good communicators, and that can be a major problem if you’re supposed to manage people. When you’re trying to give feedback to your employee make sure you’re crystal clear about what you need them to do.

We bet many of us heard these lines from our managers before: “I wasn’t really impressed with your work the past few months” or “Those reports are bad and need to be polished”.

After hearing this, employees can only further guess what their manager wanted to say. No specifics, nothing, nada… As far as we’re concerned, the manager didn’t like how the employee performed, but not specific parts of it. We’re left in the loop about what exactly needs to be improved.

Be elegant in how you say things

Even though we’re grownups that don’t mean our feelings cannot be hurt even at our workplace. Whatever you have to say to your employee make it that way they feel encouraged afterward to fix the problem. Constructive criticism is always welcomed and you should use its full potential when it comes to business.

When you need to fix something tell your concerns straight away. However, the end of your speech should contain some words of encouragement. Make sure you suggest possible ways they can fix a problem or ask them for an opinion on how they would solve it.

“It’s not me, it’s you” tactics

Managers and CEOs need to realize feedback goes both ways. Just as you’re supposed to give your opinion on the performance of your employees, make sure they are included in the conversation. Obtaining good communication is the key to business success and you need to know where you can improve. Maybe you’re not specific enough in your requests, or you tend to criticize instead of suggesting and leading. To be a better manager of your employees you need to be open to a conversation and ready to implement suggestions they are giving to you.

Acknowledge, suggest, and move to action

Do you know engaged workers are 21 percent more productive than the ones who lack engagement? Acknowledging every employee is a one-way ticket to improved engagement at work and you can take your shot to boost it while giving advice on how to perform better.

Improving your employee feedback means you should always acknowledge employees’ efforts, suggest improvements and give them a boost to be more engaged and hence more productive.

Every employee has his own particular needs and your job as an employer is to see how you can make an impact to make them feel better in the environment you’re making.

A bonus tip for you…

Some of your employees might lack sleep and feel tired and drained. Make sure your employees are well rested and always their best selves while at work. One way you can do this is by making sure they take regular vacations.

We know how hard it might be to keep everything on track and that’s why we developed an easy-to-use Slack bot for you to make sure your employees never head for burnout. Why don’t you try our first 7-day free trial?

Aleksandra Cvetkovic
Aleksandra Cvetkovic

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