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6 Google Workspace Apps to Save You Time at Work

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Lost time can be never found again. It’s the one thing that we inevitably lose, as we go through life. One thing we cannot bring back, and one thing that doesn’t offer second chances. That’s why it’s so important how we use it, especially today when we do most things on the go, and when it seems that time works against us.


Many employers switched their priorities when it comes to their relationship with employees. Instead of paying close attention to the hours they work, employers now value productivity and output. This is why we now have various work models that support that idea such as remote work, flexible schedules, and the most recent trend of the hybrid workplace.


We use a wide range of apps that help us manage our time better at work, and Google Workspace is one of them. Google Workspace brings along a lot of functionalities that allow undisturbed and productive work while promoting collaborative spirit at the same time. However, there is a wide array of integrations for Google Workspace that can make our workdays even better. We decided to make a list of the best Google Workspace apps that will save you time at work, and help you stay on top of the game year-round.


What is Google Workspace?


Before we dive in and show you the list of our preferred Google Workspace apps that can save you time at work, we feel compelled to briefly explain what Google Workspace is (for those who’re thinking about implementing a new collaboration software for their workplace).


Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) is a cloud-based solution small to mid-sized businesses can use to collaborate and share files. Google Workspace is also a good solution for freelancers who’re looking for an affordable email and productivity solution that will allow them to safely share their work with clients.


The ultimate list of Google Workspace apps to save your time at work


Now when we covered the basics, it’s time to give you a list of Google Workspace apps that will help you save time at work, become more productive, and efficient.


Sortd. Sortd is one of our preferred Google Workspace Apps that both save time and increase productivity. It’s a fine solution for teams who use Gmail extensively as it allows them to organize email communication to track the tasks’ progress and keep everyone aligned. By using this app, everyone from the team will be able to see who’s working on what and have a more transparent view of email conversations and tasks in the same place.


Lucidchart Diagrams. If you’re on the lookout for Google Workspace apps that can help you draw flowcharts, mind maps, wireframes, and more, Lucidchart is the answer. This app will help you work together in real-time with clients and team members, improving productivity and collaborative spirit. 


Calendly. If you lived through 2020, then you’re aware of the term “Zoom fatigue”. To prevent it, it’s important to manage your online meetings and ensure you don’t get double booked. Calendly helps its users access all their event types, and share available time slots in a few simple clicks.


Smartsheet. Smartsheet is one of the handiest Google Workspace apps you can use along with your team to plan and manage work. Smartsheet enables its users to edit and share their work in the card, calendar view, or grid; capture data with forms and automate tasks. Furthermore, this app allows to assign and track tasks, set reminders and alerts, boosting teams’ accountability and providing greater space for building the team’s spirit.


Wrike. Wrike is yet another project management app that helps teams track tasks, deadlines, and manage assignments and resources. The app allows teams to have complete control over their workload, with the help of an interactive Gantt chart and a sortable table that can be used to store project data. 


Vacation Tracker. It’s a well-known fact that we’re less productive when we’re tired and burned out. We need some time off work to unleash our productivity and innovative spirit, boost creativity, and increase motivation. However, sometimes it’s hard to know when we need a vacation. Usually, we feel it when we’ve already reached the point of burnout. However, things are about to change with Vacation Tracker. This simple, yet effective leave tracking tool will help your team become productive and motivated year-round, ensuring everyone gets their deserved time off. Its intuitive dashboard is here to provide managers with a clear overview of their workforce, ensuring there’s no employee overlapping. With this tool, employees will be able to book their leave in seconds, and managers will be notified instantly about it.

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