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Affordable Winter Vacations 2018/2019

Affordable Winter Vacations 2018/2019

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One amazing year is almost behind us, and we’re slowly starting to feel like our energy is rapidly declining. We worked so hard during the year, and we have to find a way to recharge our batteries. And is there a better way to do it than by traveling? 

If you are worried about the budget, hold your breath before you say anything, because we found some amazing affordable winter vacations for this winter season. And while you’re on a plane, check out our movie list to keep you company.

No matter if you’re a snow fanatic, or you want to go somewhere hot to avoid the short winter days, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s go!

Warsaw, Poland

First destination: Europe. If you want to spend the holidays in the old continent and experience its spirit in the winter, Warsaw is something you should definitely consider. And when in Warsaw, you shouldn’t miss the famous ice skating ring in Old Town square, seeing the outdoor illumination exhibit, and visiting The Royal Garden of Light. If you’re lucky enough, you will find the river Wisla frozen, and you will be able to walk on it (perfect for romantic moments like the one from the classic „The Internal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind”).


Even during the winter season, you can still feel the flamenco spirit while visiting Seville! For everyone who enjoys learning new things while traveling, Seville is the right destination. A city marked by Jewish, Islamic, and Christian influences, Seville shows the impact of each of the beforementioned religions. While you’re there, you should definitely visit the Barrio Santa Cruz, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the whole of Spain, climb the Giralda Tower and see the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. Sounds amazing? We sure think so!

St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands

If you’re not a fan of snow and winter wonderland ideas are not your cup of tea, then visiting St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands may do the job. Hurricane season is over, flights are cheap, and the water is still warm for swimming (and, oh, yes scuba diving!). And another amazing thing: most people come there via cruise ships which means you will not compete with them for hotel rooms.

Puerto Rico

Visiting Puerto Rico is an excellent idea if you’re dreading the snow and cold weather. And if you decide to spend your winter vacation there, you’ll be able to enjoy a tropical, exotic island even on a budget. Cheers to that (we can hear champagne glasses clinging)!

Just imagine the pink sands of Isla Verde, delicious cuisine, and sleepless salsa nights. Sounds too good to be true!

One more reason to plan your winter vacation here when you’re on a budget is that various small independent hotels are quite affordable. Plain ticket to Puerto Rico? Checked!

Palma, Mallorca

If you want to steer clear of the summer package holiday crowds then the Mallorcan capital is an excellent option to consider. Its mild winter temperature by day lets you see the sites like the impressive Gothic cathedral or even go crazy with the modern and attractive shops. When night falls, you can enjoy the city’s seafront restaurants and bars and take advantage of the fantastic local food and wine. A plus side is that you will be able to explore the rest of the island: from hiking in the mountains to exploring peaceful fishing villages, there’s plenty to keep you busy without spending much.

Banff, Canada

Have you ever been to Banff? If your answer is ”no”, then this is maybe the right time to explore what Canada has to offer. So, to get familiar: Banff is a small town located in the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains in Alberta. If you decide to spend your affordable winter vacation there, you will be able to enjoy its wildlife, spectacular snowy peaks, and glacier-fed lakes. And there is a lot to do as well: skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are the amazing activities many of us enjoy!

From the old continent to spending a winter vacation on American soil – we’ve got you covered. We hope these affordable winter vacations (but not less amazing) will help you bring back the much-needed energy to start a new and (we are sure of it) fantastic year! Which destination suits you the most?

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