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Holidays in Canada in 2019

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Table Of Contents

Read all about Holidays in Canada in 2019.

Canada currently grants up to 10 paid vacation days per year. There are also nine paid vacation days, due to holidays. This brings Canada to a total amount of 19 paid days off from work.

There are 17 national and regional public holidays in Canada in 2019, however, not all of these are statutory. A national statuary holiday in Canada is a “paid-day-off”.

Tuesday, Jan 01, 2019, New Year’s Day

An international holiday, which is celebrated by many around the world is New Year’s Day which falls on Tuesday, January 01, 2019.

Thursday, Feb 14, 2019, Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. It is celebrated annually on February 14. It originated as a Western Christian feast day honoring one or two early saints named Valentinus.

Friday, Feb 15, 2019, Flag Day

National Flag of Canada Day (Jour du drapeau national du Canada), is observed annually on February 15 to commemorate the inauguration of the Flag of Canada on that date in 1965.

Monday, Feb 18, 2019, Family Day (AB, BC, SK, ON)

Family Day is on February 18. It is not a national statutory holiday as it is only observed in New Brunswick, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and in British Columbia.

The holiday celebrates the importance of families and family life.

Monday, Mar 11, 2019, Commonwealth Day

Commonwealth Day is annually held on the second Monday of March. The holiday commemorates the Commonwealth of Nations, which is a union of some countries that used to be part of the British Empire.

This is not a public holiday, and businesses have normal opening hours.

Sunday, Mar 17, 2019, St. Patrick’s Day

This is a public holiday in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is celebrated on the nearest Monday to March 17 each year.

It’s dedicated to St. Patrick, a missionary who converted many of Ireland’s inhabitants to Christianity in the 5th century.

Friday, Apr 19, 2019, Good Friday

Good Friday comes before Easter Sunday in Canada. It is a day of mourning and quiet prayer among many Christians.

Monday, Apr 22, 2019, Easter Monday

Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday, commemorating Jesus Christ’s resurrection, according to the Christian Bible.

Monday, May 20, 2019, Victoria Day

Victoria Day is a holiday throughout most of Canada. It is marked in most cities with parades, outdoor events, and other fun activities.

Monday, Jul 01, 2019, Canada Day

Canada Day is celebrated on July 1 across Canada and it marks the anniversary of the enactment of the Constitution Act, of 1867. This act united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire.

Holidays in Canada in 2019

Monday, Aug 05, 2019, Civic Holiday

Civic Holiday is on the first Monday of August and is an optional holiday. Provincially regulated employers are not required by law to give this day off.

Monday, Sep 02, 2019, Labour Day

Labor Day is on the first Monday in September. It was created by the labor movement to celebrate the achievements of workers.

Monday, Oct 14, 2019, Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day (Jour de l’Action de grâce) is an annual Canadian holiday. It occurs on the second Monday in October and celebrates the harvest and other blessings of the past year.

Thursday, Oct 31, 2019, Halloween

Halloween is celebrated on the day that marks the single night in the year when, according to old Celtic beliefs, spirits and the dead can cross over into the world of the living.

Monday, Nov 11, 2019, Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day commemorates those who died in armed conflicts, particularly in and since World War I. It is also known as Armistice Day and Poppy Day.

Wednesday, Dec 25, 2019, Christmas Day

Many Christians in Canada celebrate Christmas to mark the birth of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, Dec 26, 2019 – Boxing Day

Boxing Day was traditionally the day employers would give their staff Christmas presents, called “boxes,” to celebrate the season.

Most Canadians like to use the statuary holiday day for a quick getaway from the city, especially if there is a possibility of a long weekend. However, many potential getaways are left unused because team members learn about their days off late.

Another problem can occur if there are teams in multiple locations, and one of them is not aware that the Canadian team will be off at a certain date. That’s why having a leave management tool is essential for a successful business and carefree getaways.

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