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How to Ask for Time Off From Work

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Table Of Contents

Taking some time off from work is extremely important, both for the employee and the entire company. Various studies have proven that taking a vacation has tremendous benefits. From being more productive to a healthier lifestyle, it all makes sense. The vacation is good.

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Asking for some time off might be challenging. Especially because some employers might not realize the value of it. However, this shouldn’t stop you from putting in your request for a few days off. Here are some tips which will definitely help you ask for time off from work, without worrying your employer might get upset.

Plan the best time.

The last thing you want is to ask for some time off during a stressful period. In these situations, the answer is always “No” and you might even get into an argument with your superior for no reason at all. Try to avoid these situations, and talk to your employer about taking some time off when the coast is clear, and there are no problems on the horizon.

Of course, you should also avoid coming to them with questions like this during their time off, or during their lunch break. Wait for the appropriate time, and be direct. Everyone will be more than happy to approve your request when you ask them at a good time, with a nice, polite tone.

Think about the company.

Your company should be like your family, and you definitely don’t want to leave them when they need you the most. If there’s a stressful situation at work, and the deadline is right around the corner, wait for everything to calm down, and then ask for some time off work.

You definitely don’t want to ask for some time off during a crisis in the company, and it disrespects the company and most importantly, your team members. Think about it. You wouldn’t want your team member leaving when you need them the most, so don’t do that to them.

After everything is clear, and the deadline has been met, ask for some time off, and your employer will be more than happy to approve your request.

Be polite.

As we’ve discussed it above, you should always request a vacation when you’re calm, and with a nice, polite tone of voice. You definitely don’t want to appear angry or bossy when asking your employer for some time off.

The main thing here to remember is that you’re asking for a vacation. You’re not letting them know you’ll be gone, but asking. If you follow all these simple steps, there’s absolutely no reason why your employer won’t approve your request.

Request time off in writing.

It does not matter if you get along with your employer or not, you should always request time off in writing. Your employers already have enough on their minds, and they will definitely not remember that you asked them to take next Wednesday off. So, make sure you send an email to your employer and your HR manager, asking for some time off.

This way, you’ll have a guarantee, that no matter what happens your vacation request was approved on time. You never know, so it’s better to be sure.

Ask on time.

Are you thinking of asking your employer for a day off on Wednesday, and it’s already Tuesday? Bad idea. Unless it’s an emergency you weren’t counting on, always ask weeks before your vacation.

Check with the HR department if the company has a vacation policy stating how many days earlier you should ask for a vacation. Some companies have a two-week notice, and some have a month, so it’s better to be aware of that on time.

And that’s it. You’re all set. Just follow these few simple tips, and you’ll definitely get your time off from work approved.

There’s a better solution.


Both for the employee, and the employer. We know that requesting a few days off can be stressful, and it might take days to prepare for it. With Vacation Tracker, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. All you have to do is send a request through Slack, and provide a reason for taking a vacation if you want to. That’s it. Everything else is up to your employer. They’ll get a notification letting them know that you’ve requested a few days off, and all they have to do is click deny or approve. In just a few simple steps you’re good to go.

Loving the idea, but still not ready to commit? That’s fine. You can take our simple time off track for a free spin. One month and no credit card required.

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