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How to Return From Vacation Stress-Free

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The day has come, and you’re officially done with your vacation, getting ready to get back into the office. You’re full of interesting stories, and wonderful memories, yet completely stressed because you’re going back to work. Whether you absolutely love your job, or maybe not, it’s equally as difficult to get back into work mode after a glorious holiday. You know you’re coming back to a mountain of work, but feel unprepared and very stressed.

Getting back to your office after a vacation is going to be one of the most demanding days that week, that’s for sure. And there’s no way around it. However, it does not have to be stressful. We at Vacation Tracker love taking vacations, however, we also love the work. So, we’ve developed a system which helps us get back into work mode after a holiday in no time.

Coming back into the office doesn’t have to be stressful…

One of the most important things when it comes to getting back to work stress-free is having a supportive team waiting back for you ready to help. Whether it’s to listen about your travel adventures or let you know what’s been going on while you were away, it’s essential to have a supportive team. Not only will you return to work stress-free, but will also be happy knowing you’re coming to a positive workplace and that you have people you can count on. Also, make sure you ask your teammates for a quick meeting where they’ll explain what they’ve been up to and how far along the project is.

Emails, Emails, Emails…

Another incredibly important thing is that you leave for your vacation prepared. What do we mean by that? Don’t leave with any unfinished tasks and a full inbox. Make sure you go through your emails days before you leave for your vacation, so you have enough time to answer them and complete everything you need to do. The same goes for the first day you come back. Before you start working, open your inbox and see what’s been going on. Prioritize your emails, archive the ones which are unnecessary and you’ll feel a lot more organized and ready to go. You will be surprised when you realize how much this simple task can do.

What do you cross off your to-do list first?

Having a simple Trello board can help you out immensely. Trello is an effective project management application, where you can write down your tasks and cross them off when done. You will be presented with a percentage of the work done, and you’ll always know how much work you have left. Having a to-do list is essential, as you will make sure you’ve completed all your tasks before you leave for your vacation, and it will be very helpful when you get back. On your first day back, you can check your Trello board and remind yourself of the work done before your vacation. And, you can already start planning the week ahead by writing down your tasks, and crossing them off one at a time. Trust us, with a to-do list, it’s much easier to keep track and make sure you’re completing everything you have to.

Many people all over the world avoid taking a vacation because they are afraid of what will wait for them when they come back into the office. However, taking some time off is essential in order to avoid burnout and return well-rested with a clear mind which will affect your work positively.

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