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Table Of Contents

15 Best Staycation Ideas

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Table Of Contents

Staycation: a portmanteau word for staying at home for vacation. Staycation ideas start here!

  1. Have a picnic

Pack some bread and fruits inside that wicker basket on the front of your bicycle, ride around the block to go back to your backyard or balcony or roof or nearest park, spread out that red and white checkered tablecloth and enjoy your sunbath.

  1. Run a Bubble Bath

With more time during staycation, how about a warm bubble bath with a bubbly on hand for no particular reason? This ultimate emblem of relaxation cannot be overlooked. Warm baths are good for blood circulation, relieving muscle tensions and knots, helping with better sleep, and soothing for the skin… they are overall just a good way to make us happy! If bubbles are no fun, other relaxing ingredients to add to the bathwater include: lavender oil or other essential oils, milk, honey, tea bags, Epsom salts, baking soda, and of course, the yellow rubber duck.

  1. Have a bed-in

Try something you’ve never done before. Go be lazy! Spend the whole day in pajamas in bed!

  1. Arts & craft / DIY projects

Get creative on something you’ve been meaning to do for the longest time but never got around it. Maybe the present moment seems appropriate to transform the cluttered garage into a fun entertainment room, or to assemble that bookshelf, or to restore a vase for a refreshed centerpiece, or to learn about beading to make a pretty bracelet, or to finally make use of that glue gun just for fun.

  1. Gardening

Getting knees and hands dirty with mud under the sunshine surrounded by colorful plants and fragrant flowers, how does that sound? Let this therapeutic activity melt your worries away by making living things grow. Gardening reduces stress levels, improves dexterity and hand strength, and boosts your mood.

  1. Go for a run

Remember how you keep skipping going to the gym because of being too busy at work? No more excuses for your staycation! Head out the door for some cardio to keep you in shape and in a good mood.

  1. Fancy Dinners & Cakes

Experiment with dishes you rarely do in the kitchen and savor the efforts! Then Instagram or Pinterest your gastronomic endeavors! Many famous chefs have also posted videos online, on various platforms, of some of their most popular recipes.

  1. …Or the Opposite

Takeout food is also quite satisfying. Order in pizza and tip the delivery guy well. If making food isn’t your favorite staycation idea, you can always order from your favorite local restaurants. Set up a table, and open up some wine. You can even create a restaurant ambiance with music and decorations.

  1. Read a book

When was the last time you had the chance to dive into a book (the real thing made out of paper) from cover to cover in one sitting? Now is the perfect time! But there are so many good ones! Which one? Start here or here or here or here. Or here.

  1. Prep for a trip abroad

Preparation for a trip can be just as thrilling as the actual thing. Grab a globe, spin it, and randomly point to a destination. Get super excited about virtually embarking on the journey! Learn about their language and customs, have your Duolingo app ready, pack your suitcase, prance around in your beach wear, get comfortably seated on the train to enjoy the smooth ride, and revel in the scenery. Visit local museums. And don’t forget national parks!

  1. Day Camp in the Backyard

Lovers of the great outdoors, use your backyard as an adventure for your children! Spending time outside not only opens the door to enjoying your home in a different way but also allows for more time spent outside. Plus, it creates the impression of being elsewhere while still being technically home. Organize treasure hunts in and around the home! Have kids use colorful chalk and draw creative hopscotch patterns on a safe sidewalk area to play with later! Play hide and seek! Mount roomy tents with them! When evening comes, gather around a bonfire for melting smores and folkloric tunes! Tell each other spooky stories.

  1. Fire up the grill

BBQ’s the best. No more need to be said.

  1. Lord of the Rings Marathon

Cozy up on the couch and immerse your household in a fantastical mystical magical world of movies and TV series. We live in the golden age of media with an abundance of diversity in storytelling, but just in case you need more inspiration, variations of the same theme include: Star Trek, game replays, Back to the Future, Jane Austen, reality TV, Jackie Chan, Pixar, François Truffaut, musicals, documentaries, movies about traveling…

  1. Have your binoculars ready

Bird watching or staring at the stars. Slow down and marvel at the wonders of nature in contrast to a busy fast-paced lifestyle.

  1. Disco!

Nothing feels more vacation-y than dancing on the dance floor. Have a playlist and area ready and dress up like you are actually heading out for a fun party! This staycation idea can also involve your friends! In fact, family and friends can join in on the fun via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any other app that you’ve been using to stay connected!

The bottom line

In case you need more ideas, read our article about Creative Ways to Take a Vacation at Home.

Shirley Tran
Shirley Tran

Shirley is a Vacation Tracker occasional contributor. She’s held a few positions in communications, marketing and copywriting. When she’s not at her laptop, you can find her daydreaming about her laptop and chasing the sun while people watching.

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