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Staying Productive While Working From Home

Staying Productive While Working From Home

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With the novel coronavirus sticking its nose into every aspect of life and proving quite a challenge to manage, companies and the government have come up with measures to help control the spread as well as mitigate its effects. One of the ways is working from home.

Well, plenty of people have always fantasized about how it would feel to work from the comfort of their homes. Those who have done it before are likely to exhibit mixed reactions. Ensuring that you are disciplined enough to follow your boss’ schedule may not be as easy. At times you will be tempted to finish that movie on Netflix you started, do that pile of laundry, or invite your neighbor for a cup of coffee. Also, some people will be so gutted to have lost their social space at work. On the positive side, you get to work from your home.

So, how do you remain steadfast and productive while doing your duties from home? Here are some tips from the veterans who have been doing this longer than they can remember.


Find Yourself A Dedicated Location

You cannot work from your couch, bed, or from coffee table. Every place in your home means something to your brain. The moment you set up your computer on the table, you are likely to sink into gaming or socializing. The bed is an absolute no since you are likely to fall into patterns of sleep and wake.

Therefore, it would help so much if you cut off a spot in your home and dedicate it to work. The working spot should only be associated with work. You can make it a home office as long as you keep yourself in a position where you lock out all unnecessary distractions. Public libraries may also be a great alternative. However, since congregating is discouraged during this period, it is wise to stick to plan A.

It is understood that living in urban apartments may give you fewer options on the space in your home; it is advised that you can rearrange your things temporarily to create room.


Get Suitable Hardware

People often think a smartphone and a computer will be enough to sustain their work at home. You will be surprised how you will be underhanded when you finally settle into your work. It would be best if your company ensured that you have high-speed internet access at home during this period, and according to your job, amass the right equipment for the job; for instance, printers, paper clips, stationery, etc. It is easy for your employer to expect a low production rate whenever they don’t have direct control of their working environment.

Therefore, it serves better to provide sufficient working material and supplies to their secluded working space than leaving them with a shortage. Having the employees work at home with the same quality they have at the workspace will make them build that mood for work. The working environment has much to do with a person’s productivity than their dedication and will.


Keep Communications Flowing

While working from home, you need to keep yourself available whenever your colleague or client needs assistance. And most importantly, it helps if you checked in with the boss on the progress of work. As the supervising officer in charge, you should schedule meetings or communication channels to give feedback or enhance consultations between colleagues. It is usually easy for people in the office to exchange talks verbally since they are situated next to each other. It is, however, a challenge to ensure the same culture when they are scattered all over town in different locations. Therefore, the remaining option is to schedule periods where a particular team working on a similar project meets over the phone or via Skype. Since you don’t want these meetings to turn into a social chat room quickly, encourage your employees to draw up topics they need to discuss.


Be Your Own Boss

Many people dream of these chances. As companies are encouraging working from home, you need to grab this chance. It’s an opportunity to prove that you are disciplined enough to work without having someone breathe down your neck. Whatever you will do in this period of time will define your character and your capabilities in managing an enterprise or a franchise of your own. For bosses, it can get gruesome having to send people emails and texts and call them, reminding them of deadlines and delivery when they are at home.

For many, this has never happened before, so, if you do not want to build a negative relationship with staff during this period, encourage them to follow their own schedules. Normally, some people are early risers, and they are expected to get into the office at 9.00 a.m. while working from home; it is much easy for them to start up work much early and finish even earlier. Therefore, encourage them to work within their timelines; however, productivity must be stressed upon.


Have A Plan

Working from home can be challenging. You need a plan to beat your temptations to take frequent breaks, which may take longer than you intended. Structuring your time while homeworking will help you get through this period without company and the regular daily routines you are used to. Change is always an unwelcome disturbance that may affect many employees. The firm must ensure those struggling to adjust are eased into it. Usually, it doesn’t help much when you force upon people who are uncomfortable in their environment of work. This may prove to be an impediment to the growth and productivity of your staff.


The Bottom Line

The environment plays an important role in the working patterns and productivity of individuals. Therefore, working from home could be critical to people, and many would react differently to the prospect. Some may find a home a distraction while others, an ambient place where they get to feel themselves. Solitude for extended periods can affect people’s behavior towards work. Those accustomed to the social space in the office may struggle to adjust to the new setting. Ensuring productivity entails more than just availing the equipment of work. For more advice on working from home, check out the Remote Work section of our blog.

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