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Here’s Why Taking Time Off is Good For You

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Table Of Contents

Being a part of Vacation Tracker’s team is incredible. You want to know why? Because we moved the line between coworkers and family. The hack with it, we ARE a family. It’s such a pleasure to work with the people who you love even if they annoy you sometimes. However, no matter how much we liked what we do there are some periods when we just cannot focus. During those periods, we’re not surprised if we caught ourselves coming to work, turning our laptops and scrolling endlessly through the 9gag’s feed, or watching cat videos on YouTube. Or even get into a fight with one another, because it’s like we start to notice small things that start to annoy us all of a sudden. That’s when we know we really need to take some time off from work.

Work is like a relationship

It is, really! And once you see the similarities, it will be hard for you to unsee them. And like with every successful relationship, you need to give yourself and your partner some space. That’s why taking some time off lets you be more productive. Once in a while, you just need to step back and move outside of the office. We’ve previously talked about sick leave abuse, but now it’s time to check another side of the story.

Why is taking time off crucial?

First thing first, because it benefits your well-being. A study conducted almost 27 years ago which tracked workers over 20 years came to the conclusion that men who don’t take vacations were 30% more likely to have a heart attack and for women it went up to 50%.
It’s even more shocking when you’ve known the fact these numbers still stand even after taking into consideration factors like smoking, obesity, and income levels. No matter how much your job is important, or how many things there are to finish be careful to take your vacation on time. Health first!

Are you fishing for some productivity tips?

And the best one anyone can give you is to take some time off! Seriously, if you hadn’t realized so far, burnout is a real thing! By not taking some time off from work you’re putting yourself at risk of losing your health, and energy and you’re making a massive impact on your productivity.
Some researches done in the UK suggest that British employees, on average, lose up to 73£ billion a year due to reduced productivity in workers. If you are a small business owner and trying to cut costs, by all means, be sure to consider this when making a business plan and make sure your employees are taking enough time off.

You will love your job more

… if you’re not there. Even if this sentence sounds like we’re joking, we’re actually telling the truth. By taking a regular vacation, you will be more engaged in what you do at work. Taking some time off actually allows you to recharge and fill up the batteries. And it’s not just about not going to work, it’s in how you’re using your free days. Make sure to travel because seeing different places will give you some perspective on where you are and where you want to be and will give you extra energy to push your career, on the whole, to another level.

Repeat with us

You are not your job! If your voice was meek, don’t be afraid to repeat it again aloud. No matter how much you love what you do, you should never ever let your job define you! When you eventually finish working, you have that special someone to come back to. Nourish your personal relationship as much (or even more) as you do with your job. Take time off to rekindle old flames with your significant other and be careful to keep your work-life balance in check. Think about how much you actually talk with your partner, friends and family, and make sure you stay informed about what’s happening in their life.

You will be more creative

With every vacation not taken, a small Einstein dies. Your brain can do amazing things. However, it cannot work properly if it’s not well-rested. Besides letting you focus on your personal projects and ideas, a boost in creativity induced by taking time off will make you more desirable on the job market. Over the years, creative people became the most precious asset when it comes to employment. And COOs are ready to agree with this claim.
Yet, researcher Kyung Hee Kim, author of The Creativity Challenge warns that we’re facing a severe creativity crisis. And that’s where taking some time off may help.

By taking time off, you will love your coworkers more.

Like Dwight Shroot from The Office would say „That’s a fact“. No matter how much we love the people we’re working with, there are periods when we can’t stand their guts. Suddenly, you start noticing you’ve never noticed before. It’s like falling out of love. A likable blond coworker suddenly chews too loud for your taste, the tall, funny guy you usually like types too loud on the keyboard, and so on… We’ve seen it all. And when you start feeling your coworkers are impossible to work with, you should ask for some days off. Once you’ve moved from the office and recharged your batteries, you will feel more comfortable with the people around you.

By taking time off, you will be able to grow

Not literally, lol. However, taking time off lets you travel more, and traveling gives you the excellent opportunity to see different places, meet inspiring people and see famous artworks and monuments. We were once told that they can take everything, but memories are the thing nobody takes away from you.
Take a break from work and use the unique opportunity to see something new and meet new people. The whole experience will make you a better person, it will boost your creativity and make you healthier.

Leave no unfinished business

Yep, during long working weeks, we’re left unable to finish some tedious and time-consuming things that need to be done. And even if you don’t feel like they affect your life, they are certainly taking some toll on you. Remember, the brain works non-stop, and even if you’re not thinking about those things often, some part of you still obsesses over them.
Use your time off wisely and make sure you finish all those things and clear yourself a path towards a more productive and creative life.

Taking time off will let you make priorities

Like we’ve said before, taking time off enables you to reconsider what you’ve done, what’s left to do, and what you want to do. We bet that during the week you don’t have enough time to think about all the things that are important to you. Usually, we’re hoping to finish our work in time and look forward to binge-watching Netflix and ordering some food. By taking time off you actually give yourself some space to do something significant for yourself and make important decisions that will make your life for the best.

YAY, we came to an end!

And we came to an end! We surely do hope we gave you some reasons to take time off from your work. We get it, you might be a workaholic, and you might genuinely enjoy your work, and that’s truly a great thing. But, like with everything in life, you need to dose it properly and set boundaries. Work will never, nor it should become your personal life, and you shouldn’t mix those two, Don’t let your work define you. Work towards doing what you love and enjoy but always remember there’s something outside of it to look forward to. Make yourself a priority and work towards bringing together your personal and work life. Sounds logical?

Ana Mladenovic
Ana Mladenovic

A cat enthusiast and a cupcake maniac, Ana is a freelance Content Writer passionate about HR, productivity, and team management topics. When she’s not at her keyboard, you can find Ana in the kitchen, trying to make delicious cookies.

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