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Tips for Working Remotely While Traveling

Tips for Working Remotely While Traveling

Reading Time: 3 minutes

With technological development, an increase in remote work, and a booming gig economy many people decided to replace their office cubicles with sunny beaches on exotic destinations. However, despite how tempting this might seem, working remotely while traveling comes with some unique challenges.


That’s why we decided to help all those remote workers who desperately want to change their scenery and provide some tips on how to do it successfully.


Secure a stable internet connection.


If you’re planning on working remotely while traveling, make sure to secure a stable internet connection. Since today we do most things online, having a stable and secure internet connection is a must. You shouldn’t rely solely on Airbnb listing that states there’s WiFi but ask your host about the speed as well. Do your research and find out where the best laptop-friendly coffee shops in the area you’re traveling are in case you need to relocate.


Stick to your normal routine.


The decision-making process can take away precious energy from us. That’s why following a routine is important every day, especially while working remotely while traveling. Following your usual routine even when you’re away from home is crucial as it will help you run on autopilot and finish your tasks efficiently and promptly. However, make sure to take some time for sightseeing and exploring new destinations.


Bring international power adapters.


When you’re traveling and working at the same time you need to think about the ways you’ll connect your devices to the outlets in your destination country. That’s why you should do your research and find out which outlets are used at your destination, and which voltage they are. In any case, make sure to bring an international power adapter to secure undisturbed work throughout your stay.


Be mindful of the visa requirements.


If you’re a digital nomad (or you’re trying to become one) then you should be mindful of the visa requirements for each destination you want to be in. Some countries and regions might require visas for a specific length of stay or impose other restrictions and requirements. That’s why you should do your research before you go, and ensure you’ll be all set once you get there.


Be mindful of the time zones.


Remote work is great since it offers a wide range of benefits, with flexibility being one of the best ones. However, if you’re working while traveling, especially to far-flung locations, you should be mindful of the time difference between you, your employer, and your clients. You should also prepare to be on a special schedule that will allow undisturbed communication between you and your clients and create a plan that will enable you to adjust accordingly. You can use the websites such as TimeAndDate to compare different time zones and ensure no meeting is missed.


Get travel insurance


Every travel (even if it’s just for work) comes with its own set of risks. That’s why getting travel insurance is always a good idea, in case something happens. Make sure to research all the types of travel insurance you can get and pick one that suits your needs the best. That way you can travel peacefully and be able to cover any unexpected medical costs you might have.


Find a coworking space if you plan on working remotely while traveling.


If you’re planning to stay on a trip for a while, then you might want to get a coworking space membership. Coworking spaces are great places to meet other people, network, and make friendships. Besides that, coworking spaces will provide you with all things business – from stable WiFi connections to printers and other office equipment you might need.


Arrange your accommodation in time.


One thing you should avoid at all costs if you plan on working remotely while traveling is looking for accommodation last minute. The goal is to research your options ahead of time and book them before you come since it will help you both save time and costs. Usually, foreigners fall into common tourist traps and spend too much money on booking accommodation in central locations. Instead, you can go a bit further away from the center and use public transportation (note you should check its quality) and save a lot of time. What’s more, the center of the city usually tends to be overcrowded and loud which can disrupt your productivity. That said, make sure to consider all of your options before you book the tickets and make smart moves from the beginning.


Are you ready to work remotely while traveling?


Now, after all, that has been said you’re ready to embark on a wild journey that will allow you to explore different cultures, meet new people, and broaden your horizons, with enough financial resources to sustain this lifestyle. It might be hard for you, in the beginning, to work remotely while traveling, but following these tips will greatly ease up the transition.

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