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10 Tools for Managing Remote Teams

Vacation Tracker for Remote Teams

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    The features mentioned in this article have been upgraded, and the information presented may not be up to date. Please view our recent articles, and learn about the new version of Vacation Tracker.

    It’s no surprise that companies all over the world are giving various benefits to their employees in order to reduce their turnover rate, and maintain top talent in the company. Recent studies have shown that losing an employee can cost the company a huge amount of money.  A study conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management revealed that employers need to spend an equivalent of six to nine months of an employee’s salary in order to find and train their replacement.

    From implementing unlimited vacation policy, improving their onboarding processes and offering the possibility of working remotely, the companies are trying it all. Having a good salary is an important part of the job, however, it’s not essential and it’s no longer the primary cause for employee satisfaction. Many other aspects are being taken into consideration now. And offering various benefits is definitely one of them.

    Offering the possibility of working remotely has proven itself to be one of the best benefits a company can offer. Not only are the employees happy with this option, but the companies are seeing a huge improvement in their efficiency. The entire point of having remote teams is to show the employees that they are trusted and valued. In exchange, employees become loyal and their productivity levels go way up.

    Remote teams are great, and companies are realizing the importance of them. However, sometimes managing remote teams can go way out of hand. It’s hard enough to make sure everyone is completing their tasks on time, and any other obligations just complicate things even more.

    Managing your team’s time off is complicated enough on its own, but when the team is remote, it becomes even harder. Luckily, with Vacation Tracker, leave management for remote teams becomes simple, and reliable.

    Easily set-up and manage your remote teams.

    The last thing your remote employees need is to remember another password and another login. With Vacation Tracker, that’s no longer a problem. We’ll grab all the information we need from Slack, and you’re good to go. Each time you make a change to your remote teams in Slack, our leave management system will be automatically updated as well.

    Vacation Tracker for Remote Teams

    When we were a small company of five, managing our team member’s time off was easy. However, as we grew to twenty people, it became way too complicated. We tried different options, from excel to other leave management software, however, nothing worked for us. That’s we decided to create Vacation Tracker. And not only that, we decided to make it integration with our team’s favorite chat tool.

    To request a vacation all team members have to do is type “/vacation” in any channel in Slack, and they will be presented with various options. After they choose what type of time off they’re requesting, all they have to do it selected the dates, or hours if they’re taking a half-day off, and confirm.

    We’ll let your team know when someone is taking time off.

    One of our biggest problems was informing everyone when someone is out of the office. The worst possible scenario is coming to work, and realizing the person you were counting on today is off today.

    With Vacation Tracker, this is not a problem. Our chatbot will be sure to let you know on time who is out of the office which day. You can configure weekly notifications, daily notifications or both depending on your organization’s needs. A leave management tool for remote teams should be reliable and customizable. Vacation Tracker is all that.

    You can also add various holidays and we’ll be sure to inform everyone when they’re coming up. If your remote workers are all over the world, they probably have different holidays. Luckily, you can set everything up in a few simple steps, and never worry about it again.

    Vacation Tracker Dashboard

    You can easily request and approve time off requests within Slack, but you also have access to the Vacation Tracker dashboard.

    The dashboard allows managers to easily approve or deny requests, manage notifications, and have a daily, monthly and yearly overview of the team’s vacations and days off. In your dashboard, you can also manually set the number of days off for each team member, set multiple teams, check history, set vacations, set-up calendar feeds, and export your data into a CSV file.

    Employees can use their dashboard to keep track of their days off and check when their team members are going on vacation.

    Vacation Tracker for Remote Teams

    Many other features are available on Vacation Tracker, and each one is created in order to make leave management easy. In case you’re interested in Vacation Tracker, feel free to take it for a free spin.

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