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Why Burnout is Dangerous And How You Can Recover From It

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Table Of Contents

Before we start discussing how someone can recover from burnout, let’s understand it better. There are various symptoms, however, research has brought it down to three main things:

  • Physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion;
  • Feeling detached from the job;
  • A sense of ineffectiveness.

Many people who are experiencing burnout, often tell others that they’re doing fine and it might be hard to realize that someone is going through it. Those who are hiding it are used to the feeling of exhaustion and helplessnesses, and they just push through ignoring the signs their body is giving them.

People experiencing burnout often feel like they cannot do anything right, that every day is a bad day and it isn’t uncommon that they develop a short temper and start feeling resentment towards their colleagues.

All of us have had a bad day at work, and we all know how horrible that can be. However, during burnout, a person feels like that every day.

If you’ve understood what burnout is, then you’ve realized how dangerous it is. All those positive things in life like humor, passion, and charm are what keep us going. During burnout, all those things seem to be lost, and it’s essential to bring them back as soon as possible.

The most important thing you can do in order to recover from burnout is to recognize the signs the body and mind are giving you. After you accept it, you can start recovering from it. However, this is not an easy process, nor a short one. It might take months, and sometimes even years.

It also isn’t something you can ignore, and hope it will fix by itself. Actually, it can get even worse if ignored. That’s why it’s essential to start working on it as soon as you notice the symptoms.

Review your values and interests

And this goes both for your work and personal life. Reconsider your values and interests and see if the problem might be there.

When it comes to your work, there are various things you should look into. The first thing you should ask yourself is if you’re doing what you love. Do you see yourself as a manager sitting in an office, or as a freelance artist moving from one place to another? Think about it. If you are working in an office from 9 to 5, yet you do not see yourself there, this might be the reason you’re experiencing burnout.

However, in these cases, burnout may not be so easily resolved. This might indicate that it is time to change your job. But, do not rush into this decision, and review other aspects of your job as well. When you think of your future, do you see yourself there? At your current workplace? Think if there is room for progress, and you see yourself there, great! However, if the answer is negative, think about looking for a different job, more suited for you.

Lifestyle change

Take a look back and review your lifestyle choices. Believe it or not, the way you manage some of your lifestyle habits can affect your work tremendously.

Start with your eating habits. Not only will eating healthy affect your life in general, but it will also have a tremendous impact on your work, as healthy food will give you more energy.

Think about going to the gym. Or a short run in the morning. If there are any sports you like, that’s amazing too. Not only will this cause quality sleep, but will impact your life overall, including your work.

Meditation. If this is something you see yourself doing, go ahead and do it. Take an hour in the morning for yourself, and do whatever you like in that time period. Drink your coffee, have breakfast, read a book, go for a swim, or meditate. Whatever you see as a good option for yourself.

Seek support

Experiencing burnout is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a completely normal thing, and others will understand. Go to your best friend or your family and confide in them. They will be more than happy to hear you out and offer support. Having a quality support system is extremely important. The sooner you admit you’re experiencing burnout, and ask for support, the sooner you’ll recover from it.

In case you do not think this is an option for you, you can always get professional help.

Another great option can be taking a few days off, and going somewhere to recharge and refresh your mind.

Whatever the cause might be, realizing you’re experiencing burnout is already a huge step ahead. Keep going strong, and work on yourself. Not only will you recover from burnout but will also improve your life in general.

Aleksandra Cvetkovic
Aleksandra Cvetkovic

Aleksandra has been with the team since day one, bringing her passion for all things marketing.

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