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Luxembourg Leave Laws – Vacation Tracker

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  • 1st January – New Year’s Day

  • 4th April – Easter Friday

  • 5th April – Easter Monday

  • 1st May – Labour Day

  • 9th May – Europe Day

  • 13th May – Ascension Day (39 days after Easter Sunday)

  • 24th May – With Monday (7th Monday after Easter)

  • 23rd June – National Day (Grand Duke’s Official Birthday)

  • 15th August – Assumption Day 

  • 1st November – All Saint’s Day

  • 25th December – Christmas Day

  • 26th December – St. Stephen’s Day

Paid Time Off

  • Vacation/Annual Paid Leave

Each salaried employee is entitled to a minimum of 26 working days of paid leave per year. Employees are entitled to annual leave if they have been employed for at least 3 consecutive months. 

The salaried worker is entitled to leave at the rate of one 12th per full month’s work, meaning 2.167 days per month:

as from the first year of employment; or in the event of the contract coming to an end during the year.

The leave can be taken all at once. If the needs of the service or the justified wishes of the worker require that the leave be divided up into shorter periods, one of the periods must have a minimum duration of at least 2 calendar weeks.

Rollovers and payout of unused hours

  • Use-it-or-lose-it policy 

annual leave may be deferred until 31 December of the following year, on the employee’s request, if it consists of leave accumulated during the first year of work for the employer that could not be taken in full.

  • PTO payout at the termination

An employer is required to pay an employee at the termination of employment.

Maternity Leave, Child Raising Leave, Parental Leave

Maternity Leave  

Maternity leave starts 8 weeks before the expected date of delivery.

If the birth occurs before the expected date of delivery, the days of antenatal leave not taken are added to the postnatal leave (however, the total duration of maternity leave may not exceed 20 weeks).

If the birth occurs after the expected date of delivery, the antenatal leave is extended until the effective date of birth, without reducing the duration of the postnatal leave, which remains 8 weeks.

Maternity leave continues for 12 weeks after the actual date of delivery.

The employer’s signature on the copies of the certificate is valid as proof of receipt.

Paternity Leave

The father will be granted 2 days (or more, depending on the statutes/collective agreement in force in the company) of extraordinary leave for reasons of childbirth.

Adoption Leave

Adoption leave is considered as an effective period of work. The employer must, therefore:

take the adoption leave into account when calculating the days of annual leave. The leave not taken by the employee prior to the beginning of the adoption leave is deferred within the legal deadlines.

Parental Leave

At the end of the adoption leave, both parents are entitled to a part-time or full-time parental leave.

In the case of a full-time parental leave, the employment contract is fully suspended, and the employer must deregister the employee from social security. Therefore, he must not declare salary payments during this period.

Sick Leave

Sick Leave

All periods of sick leave due to illness, occupational illness, or work-related accident are included in the 77 days of continuation of pay calculation.

Family Hospice Leave for Nursing a Dying or Seriously Ill Person

Family hospice leave for nursing a dying or seriously ill person may be requested by any person who has:

  • a first-degree relative in ascending or descending line (mother/father, mother/father in law, daughter/son or daughter/son in law) in the terminal phase of a serious illness;
  • a second degree relative in collateral line (sister/brother, sister/brother in law) in the terminal phase of a serious illness;
  • his/her spouse (wife/husband) or partner (legally recognized) in the terminal phase of a serious illness.

The duration of family hospice leave cannot exceed 5 working days (or 40 hours) per dying relative per year and ends on the date of the person’s death.

Family hospice leave may be split up into several periods and may also be taken on a part-time basis in agreement with the employer.

Two persons can share the family hospice leave granted but its total duration cannot exceed 40 hours.

Employees in part-time contracts are also entitled to a maximum of 40 hours family hospice leave.

Jury Duty Leave, and Voting Leave

Not specified by law.

Bereavement Leave

Special leave is granted to salaried workers who must take leave of absence from work for personal reasons.

It must be taken, with 2 exceptions (birth and adoption), when the event takes place and may not be carried over onto the salaried worker’s ordinary leave.

The duration of this special leave depends on the nature of the stated reason (birth, marriage, death, etc.).

This leave may not be counted against the worker’s paid annual leave.

Military Leave

Not specified by law.

Please consult your local legal counsel to learn more about Luxembourg Leave Laws.

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