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Montenegro Leave Laws – Vacation Tracker

Table Of Contents


  • 1st January – New Year’s Day

  • 2nd January – Day after New Year’s Day

  • 6th January – Orthodox Christmas Eve

  • 7th January – Orthodox Christmas

  • 30th April – Orthodox Good Friday

  • 1st May – Labour Day

  • 2nd May – Orthodox Easter Day (movable)

  • 3rd May – Orthodox Easter Monday (movable)

  • 21st May – Independence Day

  • 24th May – Independence Day Holiday

  • 13th July – Sovereignty Day of Montenegro

  • 14th July – Sovereignty Day of Montenegro Holiday


  • Vacation/Annual Paid Leave

For each calendar year, an employee shall have the right to an annual leave defined in the collective agreement, labor contract, of a minimum of 20 working days. Employees who work six days a week are entitled to 24 days of annual leave.

The employee shall be entitled to 1/12 of the annual leave for each started month of work with the employer if his/her employment with that employer commences or ends during that calendar year.

Temporary incapacity to work due to illness, pregnancy, paid leave, maternity leave, parental leave, adoptive and foster parent leave, recess during state and religious holidays, and absence for the purpose of responding to the requests by the state authorities, shall be considered as time spent at work for the purpose of achieving the right to annual leave.

The annual leave can be used in one or two parts.

  • Use-it-or-lose-it policy 

If an employee uses annual leave in parts, the first part is used for at least ten working days continuously during the calendar year, and the other parts not later than 30 June of the following year.

If the employee has not used or has terminated the use of annual leave due to temporary inability to work under the regulations on health insurance, absence from work for the care of the child and special care of the child, maternity leave or parental leave, the adoption and foster care leave, he shall have the right to use, or continue using the annual leave, in accordance with the agreement reached with the employer, depending on the needs of the work process, and at the latest until the expiration of 15 months after the end of the year in which the right to annual leave has been acquired.

  • PTO payout at the termination

An employer is required to pay the unused annual leave at the termination of employment.

Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Parental Leave

Maternity Leave

A female employee who expects a baby receives 98 days of maternity leave, 28 days before the expected date of birth, and 70 days after it. She must provide her employer one month of written notice before beginning maternity leave.

Prior to her maternity leave, the expectant mother must be given one day off per month to receive pre-natal examinations. She must notify her employer at least three days before these appointments and, if requested, provide proof of having undergone the examination. She must be assigned different work if a doctor certifies that her usual work endangers her health or her baby. If she cannot be reassigned to any other work, she must be allowed to be absent from work while being paid at least her usual salary.

Parental Leave 

The parents share parental leave until their child is one year old. The employer must be notified in writing 30 days before the parental leave begins. After one parent has begun using the parental leave, they may transfer the remainder of the parental leave time to the other parent after using 30 days of the leave. Once the first parent has transferred the remaining leave, they have no further right to parental leave time.

Adoption Leave

One of the parents is entitled to up to a year of leave after the adoption of a child under the age of eight or receiving custody of a foster child under eight, at a reduced salary. The employee must give their employer one month of notice in writing before taking this leave.

Sick Leave, Paid Sick Leave, and Family Care Leave

Sick Leave

An employee is entitled to absence from work in cases of temporary inability to work, due to illness, injury at work, or other cases in accordance with the regulations on health insurance.

An employee is also entitled to absence from work for a voluntary donation of blood, tissue, and organs, in accordance with the law and collective agreement.

The employee is obliged to submit the certificate from the medical doctor, in person or via another person, within three days from the date when the temporary inability to work arises.

The employee is required to submit the report on temporary inability to work within five days from the date of issuance of the report.

Leave due to Serious Illness of an Immediate Family Member

Employees are entitled to a paid leave. Duration of paid leave is determined by collective agreement and the labor contract.

Jury Duty Leave and Voting Leave (Leave due to Public Interest)

Not specified by law.

Bereavement Leave

Employees are entitled to a paid leave due to the death of an immediate family member. An immediate family member is a spouse, children (marital, extra-marital, adopted, and stepchildren), brothers, sisters, parents, and adoptive parents.

Military Leave

Not specified by law.

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