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Azerbaijan Leave Laws – Vacation Tracker

Table Of Contents


  • 1-4th January – New Year’s Day

  • 20th January – Martyrs’ Day

  • 8th March – Women’s Day

  • 20th March – Novruz (Spring Festival, Persian New Year)

  • 10th May – Victory Day

  • 13th May – Ramzan Bayrami

  • 28th May – Republic Day

  • 15th June – National Salvation Day

  • 28th June Armed Forces Day

  • 20th July – Gurban Bayrami

  • 8th November – Azerbaijani Victory Day

  • 9th November – Flag Day

  • 31st December – World Azerbaijani Solidarity Day


Vacation/Annual Paid Leave

While an employee is on leave, his/her job, position and, his/her average monthly salary will be retained. His/her employment contract may not be terminated, nor may the employee be disciplined at his/her employer’s initiative. This period will be counted towards the employee’s seniority (in his specialty).

At least 21 calendar days of paid base vacation must be granted to employees.

The employees listed below are eligible for 30 calendar days of paid base vacation per year:

  • agricultural employees;
  • public officials, managers, and experts holding responsible positions (responsibility for said positions shall be determined by the employer, taking into account the particulars of the work) at institutions;
  • administrators and administrative support personnel, as well as managers of out-of-school institutions not engaged in teaching, except for educational institutions governed by special regulations;
  • methodologists, senior foremen, workshop foremen, instructors, librarians, Laboratory technicians, cleaning women, attendants, and art directors at educational institutions;
  • scientific personnel without academic degrees;
  • doctors, mid-level medical personnel, and pharmacists.

Part-time employees (working a partial day or partial week) are granted vacation of unrestricted duration depending on the work they perform or the position they hold.

Vacation is granted every year during the employment year. The employment year begins on the date on which the employee was hired and ends on the same day of the following year. If the employee’s work year has not begun on the date when the employee requests a vacation, vacation may be granted only at the start of his employment. If an employee has two vacations in a calendar year, he may take them together or separately.

Depending on their seniority, employees shall be eligible for the following amounts of additional vacation time:

  • the seniority of five to ten years – 2 additional calendar days;
  • the seniority of ten to fifteen years – 4 additional calendar days;
  • the seniority of over fifteen years – 6 additional calendar days.

Employees under the age of 16 are eligible for 42 calendar days of vacation per year; employees aged 16 to 18 are eligible for 35 calendar days.

All disabled employees, regardless of the category, reason, or length of disability, are eligible for a base vacation of at least 42 calendar days.

Use-it-or-lose-it policy 

Not specified by law.

PTO payout at the termination

Not specified by law.

Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Adoption Leave, and Child Care Leave

Maternity Leave

A woman is entitled to pregnancy and maternity leave of 126 days, starting seventy (70) calendar days before childbirth and ending fifty-six (56) calendar days after childbirth. In the event of abnormal or multiple births, women are granted seventy days leave after childbirth.

Paternity Leave

Employees are entitled to up to 14 calendar days of unpaid leave for men whose wives are on maternity leave.

Adoption Leave

Women who have adopted children under two months of age or who are raising them without adoption are entitled to the 56 calendar days of social leave specified for after birth, as well as to additional leave and partially paid leave. 

Right to Partially Paid Leave and Rules for Exercising It

  1. A single parent or another family who is directly caring for a child until it is three years old is eligible for partially paid social leave in the amount determined by Legislation.
  2. An employee caring for a child may use partially paid social leave completely or in part at his discretion.

Child Care Leave

Employees are entitled to up to 14 calendar days of unpaid leave for women with children under the age of 16 or single parents or guardians.

Parents who are raising children suffering from acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or infected with the human immune deficiency virus (HIV) and parents with disabled children under the age of 16 are entitled to up to 14 calendar days of unpaid leave.

Sick Leave and Family Care Leave

Sick Leave

Employees may take sick leave within reasonable limits if they are covered by State Social Insurance.

After four months, the employee may be dismissed unless the sickness occurred on the job, or the employee is on maternity leave.

Family Care Leave

Employees are entitled to up to 14 calendar days of unpaid leave for the period stated in a medical opinion for one relative caring for a sick family member.

Jury Duty Leave and Voting Leave (Leave due to Public Interest)

Not specified by law.


Bereavement Leave

Not specified by law.

Military Leave

Employees are entitled to up to 14 calendar days of unpaid leave if they were on active military duty in wartime.

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