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How Leave Tracking Software Can Help Your Business

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Software, like most technology before it, was created to make life easier. And a leave tracking software does just that: it automates the leave management process and makes it easier for all parties involved – employees, managers, or HR.

Designed to make both you and your employees’ lives simple, leave tracking software provides a detailed look into the PTO, sick leaves, and vacation requests taken by your workforce. This makes it easy for employers to keep records, file taxes, and save money. With reliable leave tracking software, you will be able to track employee’s work times, check which employees have clocked in or out, and be able to view past events across different periods. 

If you’re in charge of workflows within your organization, you know that taking two weeks off to go to the mountains with your spouse is never a good topic of conversation on a Monday morning. That being said, if your business is still not using leave tracking software, keep reading to find out 5 ways your business can benefit from a new leave tracking software.

All crucial information remains intact

Manually updating spreadsheets with vacation requests, leaves, and PTO can lead to costly mistakes. 

I know what you are thinking: using spreadsheets to track leaves is nothing special. But as leaves pile up and take up space, they cannot be analyzed and managed by spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are a great way to do simple number crunching, but they can be a bit cumbersome for tasks such as calculating holiday pay. Tracking employee leaves using a spreadsheet places unnecessary stress on administrative staff. It also increases the likelihood of human error and incomplete data.

Furthermore, the information required in online spreadsheets is not adequate enough to track and manage leaves by itself. Hence, the best way to prevent data from being lost is to store your company’s leave management information in a dedicated leave tracking software. That way, you can store important company-wide leave data in one place, and also track it simultaneously. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Centralized access for the whole team

An all-in-one dashboard lets employees view their leave balances and their coworkers’ days off. Managers and HR staff need access to employee leave balances, department schedules, and availability to evaluate leave requests effectively. Most leave tracking software includes a dashboard that keeps all relevant information in one place. They also offer numerous benefits such as end-to-end visibility, better productivity,  a team inclusive calendar for improved decision making, easy integration with payroll systems, and more.

To sum it up, visual dashboards give your team access to real-time information when they need it. What’s not to like about that?

Enhanced communication

Before taking leave, it is common practice to check with employees whether someone else will cover for them during their absence. That’s where leave tracking software comes into play. 

Why risk being forced to go back on your promises and overbooking your staff? Don’t count on an overbooked calendar, long lines of unhappy workers, or an understaffed business. A leave tracking software gives you the power to schedule PTO in advance, and instantly share that information with employees. Tracking software also allows employees to update their vacation plans before leaving, making it easy for others to plan ahead. This improves communication by providing the whole team with a clear picture of who is going on vacation and when. With a leave tracking software, you can wave goodbye to those last-minute leave surprises.

Reduced time and paperwork

It’s no secret that time is money.

Many companies rely heavily on paper-based leave processes. When it comes to scheduling leave for their employees, you can bet that their staff has spent countless hours filling out forms and collecting approvals. This is a very inefficient process that can get even clumsier depending on the number of employees. When employees spend precious time looking for a form, printing it, & collecting all the signatures of approvals, they are effectively distracted from what they were supposed to be doing in the first place: work.

The process of requesting leave and signing off becomes ridiculously easy when approved leave is tracked by an efficient leave tracking software like ours. Now, you can schedule leave requests with the push of a button. Nothing is more efficient than doing it online! It also helps reduce any unnecessary stress associated with the whole paperwork procedure, which is a huge plus. Reducing the need for paperwork saves time, money, and allows you to focus on more strategic projects.

Seamless integration with your favorite apps

Due to the rise of remote work, most people are now familiar with communication apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack. And when technology is on your side, tracking leaves is super simple.

With an integrated leave tracking system, your employees will be more efficient and relaxed. The software automatically processes leave requests and the whole ordeal takes less than 2 minutes to complete. The manager then approves or rejects the request, and the employee is notified instantly. Wanna know the best part? All the action happens directly in your favorite collaboration tool.

You can request, approve, and get informed about upcoming leaves without ever leaving Slack or Teams. The software automatically updates leave balances and sends team-wide notifications for leave announcements.  

If you’re looking for a leave tracking system that allows you to reduce your workload by automating it, look no further. Vacation Tracker is an easy-to-use leave tracking tool that simplifies the way you manage your teams’ PTO requests, work from home days, sick leaves, and more – directly from your workspace. Learn more here.

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