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Microsoft Teams Apps To Increase Employee Satisfaction

Microsoft Teams Apps To Increase Employee Satisfaction

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More and more Microsoft Teams apps are made available to the platform to make our lives easier. But which ones could help keep employees satisfied at work? Let’s find out!



One way to increase employee satisfaction is to improve the physical environment of their workplace. Don’t we feel better doing a good job in a proper setting? This Microsoft Teams app solves it. Roby is a helpdesk robot. It operates as a simple ticket system to support your staff with all things office-related. Need to fix the printer on the third floor? Increase the temperature? Adjust the lighting? Make a request to create a ticket, submit it, and view it to look at the status. Are you the admin? Receive the ticket, assign it, message follow-up updates to requesters, manage tickets from the dashboard, and close the ticket once resolved.



Work efficiently and keep your tasks organized with Workstreams. This Kanban-style task management app on Microsoft Teams allows you to focus, prioritize and collaborate. With a taskboard to manage all your workflows, this is where work and communication happen in one single place. The integration into the Microsoft Teams channels is seamless so that switching between chats and apps as you manage your tasks lets you focus and deliver your work on time.



One big driver of employee satisfaction is learning opportunities. This Microsoft Teams app forces a complete overhaul to your organization in terms of function, process, and productivity. Rather than a traditional hierarchical system with strict functions, roles and positions, SkillerBee allows you to compete in a modern world as it prefers a fluid, bottom-up management approach by relying on skills and data to rethink and redefine work distribution. Powered by AI techniques, the app has built ontologies of over 12,000 jobs, 65,000 skills, and 120,000 job-to-skill mappings. Detailed data and mappings about the skills and competencies of your staff enable valuable and insightful information to make decisions on project and task assignments among employees and track the progress of the skills accumulated over time. It’s also free, offering free training on Office 365 and Teams.



Praises and perks. Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated for their work? Recognition might not be synonymous with satisfaction, but one can certainly lead to the other. This bot available on the MS Teams platform helps your organization keep track of your staff performance and reward them. Have peers cheer each other up and give positive feedback for a job well done, earn karma points and karma coins and redeem them for a selected reward. Access to graphs and charts lets you visualize stats in a snapshot and generate reports of daily karma activity to see where and how recognition happens within the organization.



Removing the tedious and repetitive aspects of an employee’s work life can improve employee satisfaction. Consider automating tasks for user experience as an example. Boosted by the power of AI, AtBot is one of the Microsoft Teams apps that lets you build, train, tailor, and deploy bots from scratch for HR and customer service-related tasks, without the need to know code. For a top-notch chatbot user experience, designing a comprehensive flow chart of bot logic conversation is a simple drag and drop. Create a bot in a matter of a few minutes and manage them all from the admin portal.



How do we know if employees are satisfied at work? Ask them! Such a simple solution, yet easily overlooked. TINYpulse is an MS Teams app for organizations to monitor how people are doing. Do they feel overwhelmed? Frustrated? Happy? Burnt out? The app will ask you to measure your level of happiness on a scale from one to ten, provide an explanation of your score, ask for suggestions for which you can decide to send directly to your supervisors only, and also send words of encouragement to your peers, all in real-time. Those small gestures don’t take much of employees’ time and make a big difference in overall satisfaction. The daily and end results will have a positive impact on team culture, boost motivation, engagement, and retention.


SWOOP Analytics

Performance is one key indicator of employee satisfaction. SWOOP identifies six key characteristics of what makes a highly performant team: shared purpose, bounded and stable, reciprocity and psychological safety, role clarity, excellence mindset, and ‘teaming’ support. One thing in common is the connection between team members. To measure such connection, rather than looking at the usual data (activity and tools utilization, surveys) the app uses relationship-centered analytics. That’s data from interactions among team members.

The progressive stages of a team are defined as forming (recruitment), storming (agreement on roles, goals, and standards as relationships are being developed), norming (building trust, team cultivating, stabilizing and strengthening) and performing (top team influencers having a positive impact on other teams of the organization). The benefits? In-depth and powerful insights to improve collaboration and performance.


Communities (Yammer)

Having a social life can certainly help with employee satisfaction in the workplace. Communities are your social media within your organization. Or your new Yammer in Teams. Instead of emails, this is a great place to widen your professional network to other departments and locations, share interesting news and announcements, ask questions, and participate in live events, and different group activities based on shared interests. Install it on mobile (available for iOS and Android) to chat, discover new content, like, post replies, comment and share links, files, images, and videos. Even uploading large videos as attachment is now possible.


Slido Q&A

Moreover, another addition to your Teams channel is a simple Q & A and polling platform for meetings, conferences, and events. The integration enhances the video meeting experience by capturing questions and crowdsourcing them. As a team member or a participant, you get to ask your questions or vote on a question that’s already been asked. As a result, it is especially useful for a big meeting or a conference hosting a large number of participants because it allows them to be involved without interrupting the flow of the event. Indeed, the app is free but requires an active Slide account.


Leadership Management

In short, if people truly “leave managers”, then one way to fix this is to improve leadership in the workplace. Available in English and German, this app helps you clarify objectives and achieve them. Set, define, and quantify goals, for your projects, teams, and employees, set up key metrics like KPIs, sales, customer satisfaction, soft skills, education, billings, productivity, or error rate as criteria to measure your leadership methods, monitor progress, and evaluate staff. You can create goal templates with various categories depending on what needs to be measured, have a clear overview in a tree structure of goals status at a quick glance, and generate reports to monitor team progress over time.


Vacation Tracker

There’s one last contender on this list! Now that the Microsoft Teams extension is out, you can start tracking your team leaves right in your collaboration tool.

With Vacation Tracker, you can keep a log of days off, whether planned or unplanned. Then, Administrators can set their team’s Working Days, whether they are part-time employees working only a few days a week, or full-time workers with set schedules. Indeed, employees will appreciate the transparency and ease of use of this tool.

Furthermore, Vacation Tracker is practical for remote teams or international. It’s also geared towards teams collaborating in different countries, and across many time zones. For managers of remote teams, Vacation Tracker offers notifications and a dashboard that displays all of a team’s days off. At a glance, any team Administrator can be in the loop. HR barely needs to get involved.

In short, for ease of use and for accurate tracking and reporting, try Vacation Tracker today.

Microsoft Teams Apps To Increase Employee Satisfaction

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