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Top 5 People Management Software for 2023

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Table Of Contents

Even the hardest-working people like things to be easy. 

That doesn’t mean superficial or poorly done, but – why complicate tasks that can be run on autopilot?

In 2023, “running on autopilot” has a whole other meaning! People management software came here to stay and evolved so much that many organizational and administrative tasks that would take days, create miscommunication, and delays now get solved in a few clicks. 

In this blog, we decided to cover the top 5 people management software that will make your professional (and consequently personal) life far easier. 

We included them in our everyday workflows, and you should consider doing the same for the coming year! 

Vacation Tracker For Leave Management 

VacationTracker is a leave management software that automates time-consuming tasks regarding any type of employee time off according to the company’s preset leave policies. 

It integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace, and, as such, it allows you to submit, approve, get notified, or check any past or upcoming time-off request directly from the company chat or inbox. By avoiding context-switching, you and your team will be more productive while, at the same time, taking care of all necessary aspects of time-off management. 

Furthermore, Vacation Tracker easily adjusts to different work models and organizations. Namely, the preset company policies can be customized to fit the needs of one employee or a set of employees without affecting the others in just a few clicks. 

For example, companies that hire globally can import each of your employees’ countries’ public and religious holidays. Or, they can add extra hours or days for employees who turn their holiday premium pay into time off in lieu

Furthermore, aside from detailed reporting, Vacation Tracker can be set to notify you about real-time leaves (maybe someone called in sick last minute?), upcoming personally-requested time-off, any type of religious and public holiday, etc. It allows you to have a clear picture of who’s available in the (virtual) office for the day, week, or month so that you can plan projects accordingly and optimize your team’s productivity. 

You can test Vacation Tracker for 7 days for free and check out all the possibilities this people management software offers. 

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Easy PTO tracking, right at your fingertips.

Automate leave policies, improve visibility and plan better

No credit card required. Instant set-up.

Jira For Task Management 

Jira is a task management software built for advanced project planning. It allows you to create sprints, track issues, save tasks in backlogs, estimate work time for each task, add and edit notes, etc. 

Consequently, using Jira saves you from delaying the project completion due to miscommunication, improves teamwork, and gives valuable insights into different types of project organization. The sprint organization is simple to understand. All your team members need to do is move tasks from To do, In progress, Done, or any other custom-made column for others to know where they stand with the task in question. 

Furthermore, Jira integrates with company communication platforms such as Slack, Teams, etc., allowing you to preview any mentioned task quickly. Needless to explain how much time it saves to be able to keep everything inside of the company chat. 

What makes Jira so great as a people management software is the possibility to adjust to different types of teams. That’s why, despite being initially built for software developers, other departments can effortlessly use it and keep the entire company on the same page at any moment. 

Clockify For Time Tracking 

Clockify is a time-tracking software built to track work hours across projects. It works on a simple stopwatch principle. When you start working, start a timer. Once done, the entry gets automatically added to your timesheet and becomes part of your reports. 

It has a detailed reporting system that allows you to bill your clients more accurately, plan your future projects better, and learn from your good and not-so-good practices. Furthermore, you can record expenses, attach receipts, include costs in project budgets, approve budgets, and get alerted when a project is about to go over budget. 

Finally, to bill your clients, you can create invoices directly in the software based on tracked time and expenses and send them to your clients. Also, you can compare what you’re billing to clients and what you’re paying your team at any moment. 

Choosing a time tracking tool as one of your people management software for 2023 is an absolute must if you wish to measure and improve the productivity of your team and your business overall. 

PandaDoc For Paperless Document Signing 

PandaDoc is an e-sign software with an advanced notification system for paperless document workflows. It’s a must for companies with remote and hybrid work models. However, it saves lots of time and administrational mess even for teams who entirely went back to the office. So, why don’t we leave behind these last traces of paper documentation and save our managers, HRs, and all team members a lot of headaches? Not to mention being an ecologically responsible choice! 

PandaDoc allows you to send and receive any type of document to be e-signed both internally and externally (company to its clients). All signatures are legally binding, and you can upload as many records as you want. In addition, all documents are stored in a simple interface, so even your least tech-savvy employees can learn how to use it quickly and effortlessly. 

Documents can be saved as a template, partially changed, or fully custom-made from scratch by simply swiping different elements onto an empty sheet of paper. This way, you can easily adjust your document flow to comply with the labor laws of each of your employees’ countries or simply create different types of documentation. 

All of this makes PandaDoc a truly multipurpose people management software.

Slack For Communication Management 

Slack, which is a communication management tool, or simply said – a company chat, is a must-have people management software for 2023! Just like for PandaDoc, it doesn’t matter if your team works remotely or on-site. Email is simply not suitable anymore for the fast-paced professional environment we all work in. 

Slack allows you to communicate privately and directly with any team member, gather a group of team members who work on the same project or are united by a topic in common in a slack channel, send audio and video clips, or join a huddle, a Slack call with the possibility to share screen if necessary. 

Furthermore, at any moment, you can use the Slack search bar to find specific topics within your private or group chats and channels. This way, just like with emails, you can keep all your conversations documented and in one place while not sacrificing immediacy. 

All of the above software can be used within Slack, which facilitates the entire workflow to a significant degree. Imagine not needing, or at least imagine minimally switching from one software to another while managing to take care of all the most important aspects of your work day. What a productivity boost!


All those “little things” that need to be done but somehow take up too much of our work hours can sometimes be the primary source of frustration in the workplace. 

Making sure you and your team are productive, grow, and get better at what you were all initially hired to do is golden. It will keep you all happy and motivated for a long time. 

That being said, 2023 is at our doors; let’s use everything it brings to its fullest potential (people management software included!).

Jelena Cerovic
Jelena Cerovic

Jelena turned her love for storytelling and the written word into a full-time job as a B2B content writer and copywriter in the SaaS industry. She reads, dances, and explores new places in her hometown and beyond in her spare time.

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