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A leave management system that ticks all the boxes

Sick of the hassles that come with manual leave tracking? Vacation Tracker is the leave management software you need to help you manage, track and automate your time off, all in just a few clicks.
Leave Management System

Our leave management system is trusted by 1,500+ teams worldwide

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A leave management system that ticks all the boxes

Sick of the hassles that come with manual leave tracking? Vacation Tracker is the leave management software you need to help you manage, track and automate your time off, all in just a few clicks.

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Leave Management System

Max Tobias

Coming back next week.

Leave Management System

Melisa Reyes

Maternity leave starting Jan 10

Leave Management System

Coralie Renaud

Taking a sick day tomorrow

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What is Vacation Tracker?

Vacation Tracker is a fully customizable leave tracking software that simplifies the way you manage your teams’ PTO requests, work from home days, sick leaves, and more, reducing the hassle of manual leave tracking so you can focus on doing actual work.

From setting up daily or weekly notifications to automating lengthy, complicated processes such as PTO Accruals, Vacation Tracker is the only tool you need to supercharge your leave tracking efforts.

Leave Management System

A leave management software your team can rely on.

Leave Management System

A Simplified Leave Approval Process

With Vacation Tracker, all it takes are just a few clicks to request and approve your leaves. We simplify the entire leave approval process by letting employees request leaves from either the Vacation Tracker bot or online dashboard.

Once the request is submitted, your Administrator will be notified to approve or deny it and you’ll get notified of the outcome instantly. No more messy paper forms or back-and-forth emails!

Leave Management System

Set Up Tailored Notifications

Administrators can set up notifications for their entire organization or tailor them to each team. Just customize the time of the notifications will be sent, and pick the Slack or Teams channel they’ll appear on.

Furthermore, you can also set up email notifications that’ll get sent directly to users’ inboxes, whether they’re a part of your organization — or not.

Leave Management System
Leave Management System

Utilize the Administrator Dashboard

The Administrator Dashboard is your portal to unlocking the full power of Vacation Tracker. It gives you a comprehensive overview of everything leave-related in your organization. Here, you can set up notifications, export leave reports, customize all settings, and more!

Discover more Vacation Tracker features, or visit Helpdesk for more information.

Leave Management System

Discover all the ways Vacation Tracker can help your team.

  • Custom Leave Types
  • Locations
  • Departments
  • Calendar sync
  • Accruals
  • Labels
  • Roles
  • Filters
  • Reporting

Get started in 4 easy steps.

Leave Management System

1. 30-second sign up

The entire process of signing up to Vacation Tracker takes less than 30 seconds. Just input your details and you’re ready to start your 14-day free trial. You don’t need a credit card to sign up either!

Leave Management System

2. Configure your settings

Next, create multiple Locations and Departments for your employees. Set customizable leave policies for each, set yearly leave quotas, add rollover days, integrate our tool with your favorite calendar, and more.

Leave Management System

3. Request A Leave

Once everything’s set, our users can submit a leave request through the Vacation Tracker Dashboard, Slack bot, or MS Teams tabs within a matter of seconds. Then, all you have to do is wait and you’ll get notified instantly when a decision is made.

Leave Management System

4. Notify your team

Create daily/weekly notifications to keep everyone informed of upcoming leaves within your department or organization. These notifications will appear on a channel pre-selected by you and at a time you choose.

Who can use our leave management software?

Our leave management system is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, large corporations, remote teams, educational institutions, and many more!

At Vacation Tracker, we don’t believe in one size fits all. That’s why we give our users the flexibility of customizing their leave tracking approach to meet the needs of every employee. With our tool, you can create up to 25 customized leave types and location-based policies to reflect the work reality of your organization.

Don’t just take our word for it, take theirs!

Leave Management System

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