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Vacation Tracker Roles

There are 3 main roles on Vacation Tracker. The roles determine the levels of permission and privileges for the different features.



The Administrator has the highest level of permissions and can customize all of the organization’s settings through the Administrator Dashboard.



The Approver has the second-highest level of permissions in Vacation Tracker. They will receive and can approve/deny leave requests submitted by users from the team they’ve been assigned as an Approver for. However, they cannot customize any of the Settings. 



A User can request various Leave Types, depending on the settings configured by the Administrator of the organization. User can also check their current leave status and history, and see the team’s scheduled leaves. 



Administrators can set up different Teams for their organization. Teams can have different holidays and different Workweeks. Moreover, calendar views by Teams can be viewed at a glance.



Each User has their own profile on Vacation Tracker, where they can see their pending requests and request history.


Leave Request

Vacation Tracker lets any active member make a Leave Request through the Bot or the Dashboard.


Pending Request

A Pending Request is a request that has not yet been approved by an Administrator or an Approver.


Leave Type

Up to 25 completely, custom Leave Types can be set on Vacation Tracker, along with the first default Leave Type, Paid Time Off. All Leave Types are completely customizable. Full or half-days can be requested.



Custom daily or weekly notifications can be set up for an entire organization or tailored to each team. Customize the time of the notifications, and pick the Slack/MS Teams channel on which they will appear. 


Leave Remaining

These are the remaining days available by Leave Type for a certain User. For instance, if a Leave Type allows for 5 days off, and a User has used 1, they have 4 available days remaining.


Leave Taken

These are the days that a Vacation Tracker User has taken, out of a certain total of possible Available days. 


Half Day

Any Leave Type can be customized so that a Half Day can be taken when necessary.



Administrators can set up a custom Workweek for the entire organization, or customize workweeks for individual employees. 


Business Day

Business Day is a day where a given organization is operational. Typically, business days are Monday to Friday.


Administrator Dashboard

The Administrator Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all Team Leaves.

On this Dashboard, Administrators can easily approve or deny requests, set Leave Types, manage Notifications, and customize all Settings.


Heat Map

Color-coded visual representation of how many Users are off, presented on a yearly Calendar, on the front page of the Dashboard, 



A day of festivity, when there is typically no work.


Rollover Policy

A rollover policy allows Users to transfer some or all of their remaining days off to the following year. There can be an expiration date for the rollover days.


Fiscal Year Start/End Date

An organization’s Fiscal Year is a year reckoned for taxing or accounting purposes. Vacation period reset dates depend on the organization’s fiscal year start and end.


Calendar Integration

The Vacation Tracker Calendar can be integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal to get synchronized leave information.


Vacation Tracker Demo

A demonstration of Vacation Tracker. Completely free of charge tour of the software for any interested user. Don’t be shy to reach out!


Free Trial

Vacation Tracker offers a 7-day free trial to all new users. 


Active / Inactive Users

Active or Inactive Users can be chosen from your Slack/MS Teams organization, in Vacation Tracker. Administrators can manage active and inactive users, and can completely customize employee profiles. 


Paid Time Off (PTO)

The first standard Leave Type that comes pre-programmed when you install Vacation Tracker. This first Leave Type is the most popular, but it is also completely customizable. 


Today’s Leaves

Displays all Users that will be out of the office on a given day.


Scheduled Leaves

Displays all upcoming days off for the selected Team or User on a given day.


Hidden Leave Type

A Hidden Leave Type is a Leave Type that appears unmarked on the Team Calendar.



If you have Users that are in different locations, but a part of the same team, you can create multiple Locations and place each User in the corresponding Location. Each Location has custom Leave Policies. 


Leave Policy

Leave policies are tied to Locations. Once you create a Leave Type, you can add it to a Location and set a custom Leave Policy for each one. 


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