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The Real Story of Unlimited Vacation Policy

The Real Story of Unlimited Vacation Policy

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You must have read articles about unlimited vacation policy. You must have also asked yourself: how does that work? Do employees just take off whenever they like? How does a business run if all of the workers are constantly away?

It’s a common misconception that an unlimited vacation policy leads to an empty office. In fact, quite the opposite happens. Employees are more motivated to work longer. They are more results-driven. They experience fewer burnouts. The companies that implement these policies see lower turnover and increased retention.

Sounds impossible? Well then read on, as we get to the bottom of this idea. We were unconvinced too, until we uncovered the real story of unlimited vacation policy.


Requesting Leave Shouldn’t Be A Hassle

Isn’t it ironic how making a vacation request can be such a gruelling process, that you need an additional vacation just from going through the leave request process?

Some companies require that employees fill out permission slips. Some companies want their team members to request their leaves weeks and months ahead of time. How would companies with such archaic practices even start thinking about implementing unlimited vacation policy?

On the other hand, certain companies go into a completely different direction. They let their employees build their work schedules around their lives, not the other way around.


Know How To Implement Leave Management Tools

How do they do it? What kind of tools do they use to keep things organized?

One possible solution is to implement leave management software such as Vacation Tracker. The software can be adapted to any type of vacation policy. It’s user-friendly and cost-effective.

Vacation Tracker offers essential features, such as a team calendar on the Administrator dashboard to keep track of all upcoming leaves. It also allows teams to program notifications to keep everyone in the loop.

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    With leave tracking software in place, the request process is simplified and expedited. This enables organizations to effectively plan around their unlimited vacation policy.

    Nevertheless, how does unlimited vacation policy impacts an organization?


    Unlimited Vacation Policy Creates A Results-Driven Mindset

    We’ve seen that requesting leave can be a challenge in itself. When employees worry about when or how they will have access to their next day or week off, they are less focused on performance or on results.

    Imagine operating in a workplace where employees don’t have to count down to their next vacation. What do you think happens then?

    Indeed, employees are more likely to drive results rather than worry about asking for time off.

    Overall, it promotes a culture where results are more important than the time put into the work. Which makes sense, because employees shouldn’t be evaluated on their presence in the office, but on the results that they drive for their organization.

    Therefore, in a workplace that has unlimited vacation policy employees tend to have a more results-driven mindset. They no longer have to stress about balancing their personal lives, and are therefore more focused on the job they have been hired to do.

    Finally, there is less procrastination. Indeed, workers become more creative in coming up with efficient solutions to problems.


    Unlimited Vacation Policy Leads To Employee Empowerment

    Then again, everyone needs a break from time to time. Whether it’s just to decompress and do nothing at all, or to do something productive with their time, such as learn a skill, or go to a conference.

    These days, companies feel the need to create compelling benefits packages for their employees. Incidentally, unlimited vacation policy can help to attract and retain top workers.

    In fact, the millennial workforce in particular needs to feel valued. The millennial worker does not want to be micromanaged. When employees are allowed to take days off without permission, they feel empowered. That is not to say that they should do so without advising their managers and their teams.

    It’s important to not confuse unlimited vacation policy with disregard for teamwork. One of the key differences between limited and unlimited vacation policy is the formality of the absence tracking process. For an unlimited policy to work, there need to be specific guidelines in place. According to an article by an employee at ZenPayroll, certain clear expectations need to be set up.

    For instance, a certain buffer time needs to be respected when requesting a vacation that is longer than a day or two. Hence, even though vacation days are not capped, it does not mean that employees come to work whenever they like, or take off without notice.

    Additionally, if a company implements a user-friendly leave tracking software, employees avoid feeling micromanaged. This inevitably leads to employee empowerment.


    Unlimited Vacation Policy Improves Workplace Morale

    Last but not lease, unlimited vacation policy promotes workplace morale. Indeed, this type of job flexibility takes a burden off of certain worker’s shoulders. Consequently, workers aren’t stressing about their work or stressing about asking for a day off, if they need it here or there.

    Employees who are given the green light to take all of the time off they need, feel as though they don’t need to struggle to maintain work/life balance.

    When employees have access to unlimited personal time, they also feel as though their personal development is valued. It sends them the message that their lives outside of work are just as important as their time on the job.

    In a nutshell, having unlimited vacation policy as part of a benefits package helps to create a stress-free environment, and improves workplace morale.


    Final Words On Unlimited Vacation Policy

    To attract and keep a talented workforce, organizations needs to re-evaluate their benefits packages. People want to feel valued and want to retain their sense of independence, even as they work for someone else.

    As a result of the changing demands, more and more companies are reviewing their policies.

    If you feel as though it’s time to review the way vacations and leaves are tracked in your organization, you can start by trying out the Vacation Tracker software.

    It’s completely free for the first 14-days, and is super easy to set up. It’s a step in the right direction if you want to create a leave policy and procedure that boosts morale and empowers your team!

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